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P90X2 (Review) & CrossFit Hybrid

Tweet As you likely know, I’ve become quite the obsessed CrossFit fan, thanks to CrossFit Interbay and a few friends that encouraged me to try it!  Well, as a result, I’ve been able to challenge myself beyond my wildest expectation and lift heavier, run faster and build up my endurance. Now, it’s pretty safe to […]

Why Weight Training for Women Is Important

Tweet If you’ve been going to the gym or pushing play on a regular basis to get your cardio sessions in, you should give yourself a good pat on the back – you’re doing the first thing that’s required to see success: regular physical fitness activity. But, what if I told you that you could […]

What Are Healthy Foods to Eat?

Tweet We live in a world today where more and more people are becoming health conscious and are stepping up and starting to make positive changes in their lifestyle.  In this process however, they’re often making changes that they think are healthy, but may not be quite so. As various food companies are catching wind […]

Does Leading a Healthy Lifestyle Make You An Outcast?

Tweet After you make the decision that you’re going to start striving to achieve some health and fitness goals, the next step will be making some healthy lifestyle changes to accomplish these goals. You’ll be attending the gym on a more regular basis, leaving less time for other activities, and making changes to your diet […]