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5 Quick Tips to Get Fit

Tweet Ok, let's face it!  Who ISN'T looking to get fit fast? If so, do you know what it takes to see some simple results, faster than ever?  Many people set the goal to get fit quick but then never achieve it simply because they don’t have a proper approach as they go about the […]

Dangers of Weight Loss Pills

Tweet Unfortunately, we live in a society that everyone expects the "quick fix" instead of taking the time to understand WHY the issue needs to be fixed.  Often times, it's more deep rooted than just, "I gained weight".  You likely didn't gain the weight overnight, so you sure can't expect to lose it overnight either. […]

Top 10 Reasons to Get P90X Certified

Tweet   If you are here, WELCOME, as you are either A) a P90X graduate, B) Fitness or Personal Trainer/Group Instructor of sorts or C) a combo of A & B, and just love to continue to learn more about the science behind a program like, P90X.   P90X® Certification provides a much deeper understanding of […]

Functional Fitness…..What Is It And Why Is It Important?

Tweet What's the point on doing a workout, if it's not going to apply to your day to day function of life, right?  When selecting workouts, we can't overlook the importance of functional fitness.  When most people hit the gym to do their workout routine, they’re performing boring exercises like leg extensions, bicep curls, and […]

Going to a Vegan Diet? What It Means….

Tweet One diet trend that is becoming more and more popular as of late is the Vegan diet approach.  While you’ll always have some people who simply can’t do away with meat from their plan (for me, I love my chicken, fish and eggs!), there are many advantages to going Vegan, if you do things […]

Tackling Common Myths & Excuses for Avoiding the Weight Room

Tweet   I invited Valerie Solomon of Busy Mom Gets Fit (check her out on Facebook) to be a Guest Blogger on my site, as I've been following her for years, and completely admire her dedication, determination and perservance that so many other busy Mom's lack, because of this, that or the other.  With Val, […]

Resistance Bands Versus Dumbbells/Free Weights

Tweet The beauty of fitness, is there is so much variety when it comes to strength training, whether its using free weights, resistance bands, machines, weighted balls, etc.  What's great about the variety, is there is something that will work for everyone or any situation.  Thus, further eliminating EXCUSES!!  Ha! So, when I took a […]

Top 10 Reasons to Try Vegan Shakeology

Tweet As you probably saw on my various Facebook posts while at Summit in Las Vegas last month, I was giddy with excitment to try the new – LONG AWAITED, mind you – Vegan Chocolate Shakeology.  I was pleasantly surprised with it's robust flavor, but didn't feel it was overbearing in the "sweetness" department, as […]

Photo Contest: What’s Your Favorite Summer Activity or Workout “Pose”?

Tweet   I have to give major props to my dear friend and fellow Coach, Allie D., for helping me come up with the theme for our next photo contest!  As you know, the last one we did was "WHY YOU CHOOSE TO BE FIT"? So this time, we want to see photographic evidence of […]

A Typical Day For Me

Tweet One of the best things about what I do as a Fitness & Nutrition Consultant, is I get to help people and inspire them to change (of course, if they are ready).  It never gets old!  And funny enough, I was just at a friends 2-year old birthday party today, and the conversation naturally […]