Do you know your WHY?

Tweet Let me ask you something. Do you know why you want to [fill in the blank] (lose weight, tone up, get abs) Does your reason go beyond the vanity? And it’s ok to be honest! But what I want to really challenge you to consider, is that deep, down emotional WHY into what you […]

Summer Strong: 3 Day Refresh

Tweet  Alright, time for a little Mommy reboot. If you are anything like me, kids, work and life can get the better of you, at times. We can do our best to plan out our meals, program and schedule our workouts and keep our eye on the ultimate physical goals we may have. But reality […]

Build-A-Booty Challenge

Tweet 2 WEEK BUILD-A-BOOTY CHALLENGE Well, as I look in the mirror and see the fruits of 4 labors and the fact that means my butt has slid down my back side, it’s time to put in some extra work and do something about it. And thought to myself “there has GOT to be others, […]

[CLEAN EATS]: Make Ahead Breakfast Porridge

Tweet I have to give FULL credit to my beautiful Mom, as we have been working on changing some things in her diet (she has had to remove Gluten from her diet for health reasons – that stuff is a silent assassin!), so we’ve been researching some hearty and filling breakfast options, that one could […]

Fitness Business Opportunity

Tweet I’m starting a fitness, nutrition and financial mentorship program and am looking to work with 10, highly-motivated, super-fun, people who want to make a new income from home (or on the side of your FT job or being an at-home parent), and get into killer shape! No, you do NOT need experience (no certifications […]

5-Day Clean Eating Group

Tweet Who doesn’t love a routine? I mean, Summer has been great, and maybe the reins have been somewhat loosened with BBQ’s, parties, vacations, etc., so I always look forward to Fall to do a little personal Nutrition refresh! Are you ready for one? If so, are you in luck! I’m going to be offering […]

[DIY] Linen/Room Sprays

Tweet   Ok, I’ve been having some fun making LOTS and LOTS of home essentials. Everything from Baby Shampoo, deodorant (post coming soon) and even Dry Shampoo (who knew??!). So as I make them, and they are a success (and EASY – will only share if they are easy, as Mom’s, we have enough to […]

[Fourth] Pregnancy Announcement

Tweet We have been so gifted with 3 cherubs (2 girls, 1 boy – poor fella), and were excited to find out we will be rounding out our family with a 4th. Since our older ones (9 yrs and 7 yrs) “get” what it means to have a baby, we had to have some fun […]

BEAUTY TIP: My 5 Min Everyday Face

Tweet Who has time to spend getting glamorous, just to be out and about with the kids, or running errands, or heck, even having a business meeting. Not many, that I know of, have more than about 5-20 mins to spend getting their “face on” for the day. I fall into the category of having […]

DIY Baby Shampoo & Body Wash

Tweet If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know that I’m always coming up with my own ways to make DIY recipes for food, home wellness remedies and of course replacements for highly toxic baby, skin care and cleaning products. I was just at my Mom’s house and, bless her heart, she picked up […]