Coca-Cola Sued for Marketing "Vitaminwater" as Healthy

Tweet A great article I found through my favorite health and wellness website: A class-action suit contends that Coca-Cola is illegally marketing its “Vitaminwater” line as a healthy product. The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) is one party to the suit, which cites California consumer-protection laws.According to the suit, “Vitaminwater is […]

Network Marketing and the Revolution of the Beachbody Coaching Opportunity

Tweet Carl Daikeler, CEO of Beachbody, is like the rest of us, in touch with the growing revelation of social media. Well with that, he’s the MAN behind the most powerful at home workout programs that have given MILLIONS incredible fitness results and business success, and now, the inscrupulous launch of the Beachbody Coaching Home […]

Beachbody Testimonial by Founding Coach, Blake Warrington

Tweet I wanted to share this great testimonial by one of our founding Coaches, and I’m honored to have him as our team leader. As a fellow skeptic, I related well with how he approached the business. Enjoy: “My name is Blake Warrington and I am a Beachbody Coach who has experienced tremendous results with […]

When Carb’s are your friend!

Tweet I wanted to share this article as originally written by Mike French. It answers many burning questions relating to our carb intake, when to eat them and when to avoid them. Controlling your carbohydrate intake from day to day make our workout efforts more effective and take into account what we will be doing […]

10 Ways to Survive and Protect Yourself, in Social Networking

Tweet A great article worth reading, if you are getting started with social networking. Learn how to protect yourself AND be successful! 1. Use caution when you click links that you receive in messages from your friends on your social Web site. Treat links in messages on these sites as you would links in e-mail […]

Why Women Should Lift Weights

Tweet You know what I’ve found to bring me the best success and rapid results? Constant weight training. Weight training was very much a part of my post-baby weight loss!  Naturally, we ladies, all too often get fixated on cardio and that it’s the key to us losing weight, but fail to recognize by adding […]


Tweet I have recently completed a 9 Day Fasting program designed through the Beachbody products. It was an amazing experience, and one that I will routinely utilize for the shear fact of it’s necessity. I was a skeptic at first, although after much research and affirmation, I recognized the good it does for one body. […]