Kid Friendly Protein Rich Meatballs

Tweet   I was getting totally bored with the protein options I was giving the baby (turkey, chicken breast, ground meat, legumes, Greek Yogurt), so I had to come up with something that offered a little bit more of a kick! Gotta love Pinterest! I found a few kid-friendly Meat Ball recipes that you can […]

My First Radio Interview

Tweet Oh my gosh, I even almost threw up in my mouth a little bit, just writing that subject header. This was so surreal that I was given the opportunity to be on Eat Great Live Well’s Radio Show, an eWomen’s Radio Network, as they have such a respected community of followers and we have […]

Home Workout: 20 Minute Circuit

Tweet This was a fun impromptu workout I put together to do with my friends – Bekah & James McClean, at the Pier 36 CrossFit Gym (on the Coast Guard Base). This could easily be done at home, so modifications are provided below. 1 min Stations X 5 rounds 1st Station:  Weighted Front squat/Lunge R, […]


Tweet If you are anything like me, life is crazy, workouts have to be short & sweet. I don’t have the time for these 60-90 minute workouts any longer, nor the motivation for them. I need something quick & calorie blasting. Lace up your shoes, give yourself 20 minutes and blast through this workout. The […]

What Do your Kids Eat?

Tweet **Warning!! CONTROVERSIAL TOPIC! *** If you follow me on my Facebook page or Instagram, you likely saw my post this morning about breakfast with my 1 year old. Go check out some of the comments, maybe you have your own too! But it went a little something like this: Even my 1 year old […]

Breakfast Recipe: Gluten Free Oat Bran Pancakes w/ Chia Seeds

Tweet I just LOVE me some pancakes and when they are SUPER easy and healthy, I’m all in.  And not to mention, kid approved! BONUS!! I’ve shared some other delicious pancake recipes (see my Protein Pancake recipe), so play with them all and have fun. Oh, and what’s KICK-A$$ about this recipe? I have to […]

Clean Eats: Protein Powered Crockpot Stew

Tweet OMGeeeeee! This was the most amazingly delicious and EASY crockpot recipe I came up with. Yes a little prep time (just chopping a few things – no biggie), but WELL worth it, as it was damn good. Yes, *pat pat on my back! It’s super basic and totally family friendly. My kids LOVED it! […]

Tips for Staying Healthy on Vacation

Tweet Many of you will be taking trips with your families over the summer so I wanted to share a guest post with you from Kendra Thorton of Thorton PR in hopes that it will motivate you to continue your healthyeating habits and fitness routine while traveling. Healthy Choices We Make on Vacation Whether my […]

Why Setting A New Year’s Resolution Often Just Mean’s A To-Do List For January

Tweet With the New Year quickly approaching, many of you may have started to set some New Year’s Resolutions that you’re trying to follow and keep.  The problem is, you know how these Resolutions often end up. Here and gone. In fact, I don’t even like using the term “Resolution”, and here’s why – it’s such […]

Clean Eats: Paleo Pumpkin Banana Muffins

Tweet Who doesn't love clean eating recipes? Especially when it has the word PUMPKIN and MUFFINS in the title?? Well, you'll have to check these out, as my first impression was "Wow!" That's all I can say on these bad boys!! I put out a post on my Facebook page to inquire what people's favorite Fall […]