Photo Contest: Why Do You Choose To Be Fit?

Tweet I’ve seen so many great Photo Contests go around on Facebook, that I was inspired to start my own.  I wanted to have fun with it, all the while, inspiring everyone to dig deep and think if they were asked, “Why Do You Want To Be Fit?”     Everyone has a reason that […]

Can You Spot Reduce Body Fat?

Tweet The single biggest question when I ask those I Consult and Coach for, what they struggle with most in regards to their physique, the typical response is "belly fat" or "thighs and/or glutes" region.  I wrote an article specific to "How Do I Shed Belly Fat" last year, but the conversation tends to lead […]

How To Manage Emotions & Stress With Weight Loss

Tweet One thing that can quickly turn any well-meaning diet into a disaster is stress and emotional overload. When we are highly stressed out, our ability to choose healthy meal choices can fly right out the window, especially when coupled with a very strong emotional response. If you’re someone who is dealing with a high […]

What Are Macronutrients?

Tweet I don't want to get too technical on you here or take things to a different level than you are used to from me, but definitely find the relevance and importance to dissecting your food, aka fuel, into it's proper nutrient corner. As you go about your diet plan, there’s one thing that you’re […]

Vegan Tropical Shakeology Review

Tweet This is LOOOONG overdue, but I certainly wanted to get my review out of Beachbody’s newest Shakeology, the Vegan blend, Tropical Strawberry.   Now, as much as I love my Chocolate Shakeology, and will likely never give it up, you know what gets me excited about this new flavor and blend?? Finally a shake […]

5 Steps to Firmer Abs

Tweet If you’re looking to firm up your midsection and ‘get abs’ like so many people are, it’s vital that you understand what steps you should be taking to arrive at your end goal on time. Many people end up spending months and months working towards the goal to get abs only to find themselves […]

Clean Eats: Oil Free Pesto Sauce

Tweet I love pesto sauce, just as much as the next guy, but so many of the recipes out there call for a copious amount of oil, that I feel I can’t really enjoy it. Agree? Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not afraid of healthy fats, as I know we all need a degree […]

How To Determine Which Eating Program Is Right For You

Tweet YAHOO-Y, the hard part is done! After making the decision that you’re going to work towards the goal of losing weight, the next step comes in deciding which diet program you will use. Before we get into the ‘meat’ (<<haha, like the pun??) of it, I want to say how much I dislike the […]

Clean Eats: Chicken n’ Veggie Lentil Soup

Tweet As much as I'm ready to kiss the Winter good bye and say HELLO to the Spring and Summer months, nothing beats a good hearty bowl of soup! I've been having a blast experimenting with a bunch of different soups and stews, including continuing to improve upon our family Easy Homestyle Chili recipe, but […]

CrossFit Interbay | Bellevue CrossFit Throwdown 2012

Tweet This was the 2nd annual CrossFit Interbay & Bellevue CrossFit Throwdown and I was excited to be able to participate.  Not because I had expected to finish in any particular standing, just to FINISH! There were 3 varying WOD’s in the Throwdown competition: FireBreather WOD: Elite WOD where all workouts are to be performed at […]