Behind the Scenes at QVC – P90X2

Tweet I’ve had the great fortune to be among the P90X/P90X2 cast for the QVC showcases over the last year.  These are typically long days with up to 6 shows in a 2-day period, leaving sleep and muscles beyond the definition of fatigue. That being said, it tends to create some of the most gut […]

Workout Programs That Get Results

Tweet ….And It Doesn’t Have To Take 60 Minutes At The Gym If you’re one of those people who typically puts off starting a workout program because you believe that it’s going to take up all of your spare time and you just don’t have enough of that time to give (join the club!!) – […]

Homemade Blueberry Jam with Chia Seeds

Tweet With the heaps of snow we recently got here in Seattle, it forced us to get creative with indoor activities in between our sledding stints.  Ainsley is always so creative with projects and what to make, so I have to give credit where credit it was. Her idea to make healthy homemade jam to […]

Time Management: How To Balance Fitness, Business & Family Time

Tweet One area of leading a healthy lifestyle that many people struggle with considerably is: BALANCE & TIME MANAGEMENT. You have your goals set and you know precisely what it is that you want to obtain – but how to you balance it all.  In many cases, you’re willing to do just about anything to […]

Top 4 Motivational Tips & Tools to Get On Track With Your Fitness Goals

Tweet So your feeling really jazzed, as you have your selected workout program or regime mapped out, impending goals to hit and it’s ready, set, go, time! Day 1, it’s off to the races and you are excited and exhilarated with how getting active and eating healthy makes you feel.  Right?  Awesome….bring it on. Day […]

How To Create Healthy Habits To Get Results

Tweet In my last article, we talked about How New Year’s Resolutions Most Often Turn Into a To-Do in January, and as we discussed what a resolution REALLY is, let’s take that a step further and formulate a habit to get those resolution results. As you go about attacking your goals to improve your health […]

Can a Stay at Home Mom Really be Successful with an Online Home Business?

Tweet Sites like Etsy and eBay are rife with success stories. Moms work from home, build an e-commerce site using their services, and get to live the lives they want. Sounds appealing, right?  Problem is, there are many other stories that these sites don’t tell you- most other moms work from home, don’t make enough, […]

P90X2 (Review) & CrossFit Hybrid

Tweet As you likely know, I’ve become quite the obsessed CrossFit fan, thanks to CrossFit Interbay and a few friends that encouraged me to try it!  Well, as a result, I’ve been able to challenge myself beyond my wildest expectation and lift heavier, run faster and build up my endurance. Now, it’s pretty safe to […]

Why Weight Training for Women Is Important

Tweet If you’ve been going to the gym or pushing play on a regular basis to get your cardio sessions in, you should give yourself a good pat on the back – you’re doing the first thing that’s required to see success: regular physical fitness activity. But, what if I told you that you could […]

What Are Healthy Foods to Eat?

Tweet We live in a world today where more and more people are becoming health conscious and are stepping up and starting to make positive changes in their lifestyle.  In this process however, they’re often making changes that they think are healthy, but may not be quite so. As various food companies are catching wind […]