Build-A-Booty Challenge


Well, as I look in the mirror and see the fruits of 4 labors and the fact that means my butt has slid down my back side, it’s time to put in some extra work and do something about it.

And thought to myself “there has GOT to be others, like me, that want their a$$ to go back where it came from”.

Can I get an “AMEN” from my other Mom friends?

Ok, well although I’m working out most days, i thought it would be fun to get some friends together and host a 2 – week BUILD A BOOTY challenge! It would be totally free, and in fact, I would give you access into my PRIVATE Coaching group, during this 2 weeks, as that’s where the booty lifting mojo is going to happen!IMG_3879

What does it entail, you ask? Great question!

✔ Starts Monday February 29th!
✔ 2 Weeks!
✔ Daily butt-lifting workouts (5 mins MAX). They will be done IN ADDITION to your current workout regime.
✔ 3-4 EXTRA full-body workout challenges to be posted each week.
✔ Daily Clean eating recipes
✔ Daily motivation
✔ Daily Coaching
✔ Daily FUN!
✔ And it’s FREE!

What do you guys thing? Who’s in?

If so, I need your email so please message me ASAP: so I can include you OR fill out this quick questionnaire:

Can’t wait to see some Mom booty’s rise and shine!!!

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