Do you know your WHY?

Let me ask you something.

Do you know why you want to [fill in the blank] (lose weight, tone up, get abs)

Does your reason go beyond the vanity? And it’s ok to be honest!

But what I want to really challenge you to consider, is that deep, down emotional WHY into what you are doing this for!

Are you thinking beyond a 3 day commitment, 60 day commitment? Do you have a greater purpose than wanting to look good in a bikini (or swim suit of any sorts)? Or drop a quick 5 lbs?

I’m curious, that’s why I’m asking.

IMG_5441For me, it’s for my 4 kids and setting the tone for a healthier lifestyle I want them to know and understand. I want them to learn about why eating better and working out or being active is vital. Not just because I’m a meanie. It’s not easy to get them on board, but when you stay consistent and be confident with WHY is important, it will slowly become a standard.

My Dad died from poor health. He carried too much stress, ate poorly, drank beer and had family history of the same. I refuse to fall into that category. I refuse to say that it’s “hereditary” for me to have bigger thighs, carry constant stress, have a butt, fluffy waist, high cholesterol or a slow metabolism.

We are our own beings and have an opportunity to carve a different path that what our parents lead for us or themselves.

You just have to want it bad enough and perhaps map out the greater purpose to WHY losing 10lbs would be meaningful to you.

Maybe it would mean more confidence. Better sleep. Stronger bond with your spouse. Better understanding of food.

Stop falling in and out of shape. Just live to be healthy, find your soulmate workout and a way of eating that becomes effortless, makes you happy and brings you the results you wish for, because it has a greater purpose.

I truly love you guys and YOU are one of my WHY’s. Why I want to pay it forward. Why I care so much. Why I show up on your news feeds. ?

Do you dare share your WHY with us?

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