My First Radio Interview

Oh my gosh, I even almost threw up in my mouth a little bit, just writing that subject header.

This was so surreal that I was given the opportunity to be on Eat Great Live Well’s Radio Show, an eWomen’s Radio Network, as they have such a respected community of followers and we have such a similar message.

As a fellow eWomen’s Network member, I was introduced to the show’s host, Johnell McCauley, and her husband Michael, through my business Coach, Jessica Butts. But from there, it was up to me to cultivate the relationship and submit my “request for an interview”.

Oh boy, almost threw up again.

Once I researched what their company, Vitaerobics, was all about, I started to get giddy with excitement, as I had validation that others felt EXACTLY the same way I did, about how we can Coach people to get healthy and fit. WIMG_8121e were preaching the SAME message!

I had written on my of my goal cards, as given to me from Jessica (a gift she provides her Coaching clients), and I tell you, that’s been the most instrumental tool to helping me get some goals accomplished.

I started writing some BIG-ASS goals on these cards at the start of 2015, and I can’t believe I’m able to cross off some of them. Including this one – “I will do my first radio interview”.

I am excited to share it with you, although NO JUDGEMENT! It was my first, I was nervous, but have incredible passion to get my message across!

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