Fitness Business Opportunity

I’m starting a fitness, nutrition and financial mentorship program and am looking to work with 10, highly-motivated, super-fun, people who want to make a new income from home (or on the side of your FT job or being an at-home parent), and get into killer shape!12019779_1090203814365810_4588974338059325060_n

No, you do NOT need experience (no certifications required)… and you do NOT need to be at your goal weight! All you need is the desire to get fit and PASSION! I teach and Coach you on how to build a business (or Empire!)

Who couldn’t use some extra financial support towards their bills and lifestyle?? ??

Being a business owner for over 7 yrs and building a community of healthy entrepreneurs, gave me the gift to create MY OWN future and help others do the same. Not to mention, building some BAD-ASS fat burning bodies too!! WHO’S WITH ME???? This mentorship group is starting in a few weeks.

Spots are limited because I give you one on one attention and help!!! I’m Mom of 4¬†and I pour my soul into this! I do this for my family and want to show you how you can do it for yours.

This Mentorship is very specific and tailored to helping you start making money in your first month!!! If this sounds like it’s worth a 5- minute conversation, fill out the Coaching Application so we can connect!!! I’ll tell you all about it… no pressure and no strings attached.

You get all the info and can make the informed decision if it’s a fit for you!

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