The Fast Food Enterprise – A Teen's Editorial perspective on avoiding it!

Before getting involved in Beachbody and the Coaching program, I would say I was pretty cognicent of the things I put in my body, in the way of fast food, convenience foods, etc. Well, not to the tune of this article a new Coach of mine shared with me. In fact, this article was written by her daughter, Katheranne, when she was in 6th grade – she’s now 15 years old. It blew my mind with how educated she was on the dangers of the fast food chains, in particular McDonald’s. They have a great website, that’s favored to all things healthy and active. So check it out:

Now, back to this article. Katheranne, which made her debut on her Mom’s website, now is a permanent fixture and has her very own Kat’s Korner, editorial page. She made an astonishing point that “….the “Golden Arches” are now more recognized than the Christian cross….” Um, what?? Now, that’s frightening.

With well over 2 billion dollars (likely more now, with celeb endorsements, etc) in paid adversiting EACH YEAR, McDonald’s continues to feed the minds of our impressionable future, that a quick, hardy and affordable dollar menu is the answer to their daily meal plan. Mind you, over the years, they have successful introduced more “nutritional options”, but what kid is going to select their Asian Chicken Salad, when they can get a Happy Value Meal for the same price…and it comes with a toy! Go figure.

Clearly, education comes from the parents. We can’t rely on the television and media publications to educate our children on proper nutrition. BUT, it would be nice if they would help reinforce what parents should be teaching their children. After all, if we can instill in our children, proper eating habits, we could actually see our rising trends in childhood obesity, begin to plummet. Imagine that? It could happen….it just starts with the parents.

Recognizing I’ve gone off my tangent here, I want to leave you with Katheranne’s outstanding article to help you hold a little faith, that by proper education from the parents, our children do have a chance at making good nutritional choices. Just take Kat’s parents as an example. GREAT JOB, Mom & Dad!!

View Kat’s Korner – THE EVIL EMPIRE OF MCDONALD’S – and be blown away by such charasmatic writing.

Here’s to the future of our children, living long and healthy lifestyles!


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