BEAUTY TIP: My 5 Min Everyday Face

Who has time to spend getting glamorous, just to be out and about with the kids, or running errands, or heck, even having a business meeting.

Not many, that I know of, have more than about 5-20 mins to spend getting their “face on” for the day.

I fall into the category of having only 5 minutes to get ready, given I have 2 kids to get ready for school, and a baby that wants to eat and chase them, in the AM.

Now call me vein, but sometimes a Mama wants to feel slightly like a human, so if I can apply my 3D mascara and BB cream, I’m a happy lady. That’s not too much to ask, right?

It’s funny how often I get asked what my beauty/cosmetic regime is. I sure didn’t think anyway gave a whoop! But, given most see me after a sweaty workout, or running around with the kids all day, perhaps their impressed by the staying power of my kick-ass makeup?!

Little do they know it literally took me 5 minutes to apply! Well, until now. Figured I’d share what I use and how much of a difference, 5 mins, and some great cosmetics (ahem, Younique products) can do for a Busy Mommy!



5 Min Makeover
















As you can see, quite a big difference 5 minutes can make, right? Vein? Maybe…but it’s the little things to make us feel good about not getting a shower in, or still being in our workout cloths. At least my lashes look fabulous!

So here’s my 5 Min Mini Makeover or in this case, my 5 Min Everyday Face:

(this comes of course, after I’ve cleansed, serumed (is that even a word??) and moisturized my face):

1. Apply BB Cream – I use HONEY for Spring/Summer, BISQUE for Fall/Winter

2. Highlighter or Bronzer on cheek bones (Highlighter = FOXY Concealor; OR Beachfront Bronzer: SUNSET

3. Pressed Blusher: SWEET

4. Splurge Cream Shadow (not shown, as BRAND NEW):  ELEGANT

5. Brow Filler: PRIM Eye Liner

6. Eyelashes (this is the BEST part): 3D Fiber Mascara. Check out my MASCARA DEMO for application tips.

7. Mineral Lipgloss: LOYAL (it’s clear with a titch of sparkle). I do cycle my LUXE and Ladylike.

There you have it! Now that I write it out, it looks like a lot, but I think over time, I’ve mastered the application of all of them and can literally get it all on in less than 5 mins!

Would love to hear what you use to keep your lifestyle manageable and give you that little bit of Mommy joy (duh, we know being a Mommy is joy enough, but sometimes we need a little sparkle too).

Your partner in health & fitness.


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