Do you know your WHY?

Tweet Let me ask you something. Do you know why you want to [fill in the blank] (lose weight, tone up, get abs) Does your reason go beyond the vanity? And it’s ok to be honest! But what I want to really challenge you to consider, is that deep, down emotional WHY into what you […]

Build-A-Booty Challenge

Tweet 2 WEEK BUILD-A-BOOTY CHALLENGE Well, as I look in the mirror and see the fruits of 4 labors and the fact that means my butt has slid down my back side, it’s time to put in some extra work and do something about it. And thought to myself “there has GOT to be others, […]

5-Day Clean Eating Group

Tweet Who doesn’t love a routine? I mean, Summer has been great, and maybe the reins have been somewhat loosened with BBQ’s, parties, vacations, etc., so I always look forward to Fall to do a little personal Nutrition refresh! Are you ready for one? If so, are you in luck! I’m going to be offering […]

My First Radio Interview

Tweet Oh my gosh, I even almost threw up in my mouth a little bit, just writing that subject header. This was so surreal that I was given the opportunity to be on Eat Great Live Well’s Radio Show, an eWomen’s Radio Network, as they have such a respected community of followers and we have […]