Challenge #4 for the Week

Tweet Since we’ve embarked on our final decent into Spring, I’ve decided to get a little more realistic with my personal challenges, so have moved them to weekly. I think many would agree, it’s important to master one each time, then to rush on to the next. So, that’s exactly what I’m doing. So……. Challenge […]

Challenge #3 for the Day

Tweet Here is my 3rd challenge to stick with:     Don’t eat off my kids plate when they are done!!     You are all probably laughing and saying “how tough is that?” Well, when they’ve got bits of mac n’ cheese, toast, waffle, cookie, you name it…it’s all very tempting! Especially when I […]

Challenge #2 for the Day

Tweet My 2nd challenge is: EAT 5 X’S A DAY Well, for those that know me, know that I LOVE to eat. I’ve done a pretty decent job training myself to eat healthy, so with years of hard work on that, I think I’ve reset my lifestyle, although will still enjoy a “cheat” here and […]

Challenge #1 for the Day

Tweet Each day I am going to present one CHALLENGE that I personally want to stick to. I encourage anyone reading this, to follow me and create a challenge for themselves.   Today’s Challenge:   PORTION CONTROL     It is one thing to adhere to a healthy lifestyle and “clean” diet, although it’s another […]

What is your "WHY"?

Tweet Have you ever asked yourself that? What is my “WHY”? Well, if you are a Beachbody Coach, like me, you are constantly reminded to recognize your “WHY”. For so long I went back and forth on what my “WHY” was. Was it to provide more for my family? To be a role model for […]

7 Ways to Build a Succeesful Downline

Tweet A great article I wanted to share if you are looking to build a STRONG and POWERFUL downline. If you are in direct sales, it is extremely important that you grow a healthy downline. Not only are you building a relationship with your customers through sales, but you should build a healthy relationship with […]