Hitting the Reset Button for Fall

Tweet Can you hardly believe that Summer has come and gone?  Now we are in full swing of Fall (well not technically, YET) and school schedules!  I feel like my head has been spinning.  Can I get an AMEN, here??! I'll tell ya, it was one fantastic Summer though.  The kids accomplished so much, grew […]

Social Media Mama’s – Tips on How to Effectively Use Social Media

Tweet As a stay-at-home-Mom to two busy kids, I often feel limited on time, dis-organized and burnt out! Sound familiar? Well on July 7th, 2011 rockstar Ember Nevill and I, held a fabulously informative call. ——–>>>> CLICK HERE <<<< ——— to listen NOW! Ember and I are both working moms, trying to balance a business and our […]

WINNER ANNOUNCED: Shakeology 14-Day Rapid Results Challenge

Tweet What a great success our first 14-Day Challenge period was!  I felt like a proud Mama when I checked in with our group each day and read posts of success and encouragement. This is what it’s all about and why I LOVE doing what I do! Check out who our first Challenge winner is: […]

Cucumber Fun Facts

Tweet Who knew cucumbers were good for more things than just our health?  Yup, anything from curing a hangover, bad breath and CELLULITE??!!  Yup, this was an interesting article that was shared with me, so in turn, I had to share with you all.    I knew cucumbers were good for you, but this just […]

'Tis the Season For Break-in's

Tweet I know this is outside of my typical blogs on health and fitness, although this was such important information as it relates to protecting ourselves, our families and our valuables. This was an email that was sent to me.  It is so unfortunate how criminals prey on us during the holidays.  The information was […]

Apple Cider Vinegar – My Natural Sore Throat Remedy

Tweet Well as Fall is upon us, so does the cold & flu season.  Don’t even get me started with the topic of the Swine Flu!!!  I felt my first indication of Fall with the onset of a sore throat – which was HORRIBLE timing, being that I had a full weekend of workouts ahead […]

30 Random Things About Me

Tweet 1. I could stare at my kids for hours and hours and hours. It amazes me that we can create such amazing little humans. 2. I feel honored to have as many wonderful friends that I do…despite getting mocked for having too many. Who can have too many friends??? 3. I have a ½ […]

10 Ways to Survive and Protect Yourself, in Social Networking

Tweet A great article worth reading, if you are getting started with social networking. Learn how to protect yourself AND be successful! 1. Use caution when you click links that you receive in messages from your friends on your social Web site. Treat links in messages on these sites as you would links in e-mail […]