Dangers of Weight Loss Pills

Tweet Unfortunately, we live in a society that everyone expects the "quick fix" instead of taking the time to understand WHY the issue needs to be fixed.  Often times, it's more deep rooted than just, "I gained weight".  You likely didn't gain the weight overnight, so you sure can't expect to lose it overnight either. […]

Going to a Vegan Diet? What It Means….

Tweet One diet trend that is becoming more and more popular as of late is the Vegan diet approach.  While you’ll always have some people who simply can’t do away with meat from their plan (for me, I love my chicken, fish and eggs!), there are many advantages to going Vegan, if you do things […]

Top 10 Reasons to Try Vegan Shakeology

Tweet As you probably saw on my various Facebook posts while at Summit in Las Vegas last month, I was giddy with excitment to try the new – LONG AWAITED, mind you – Vegan Chocolate Shakeology.  I was pleasantly surprised with it's robust flavor, but didn't feel it was overbearing in the "sweetness" department, as […]

A Typical Day For Me

Tweet One of the best things about what I do as a Fitness & Nutrition Consultant, is I get to help people and inspire them to change (of course, if they are ready).  It never gets old!  And funny enough, I was just at a friends 2-year old birthday party today, and the conversation naturally […]

Travel Workouts – Quick Tips To Remember

Tweet Summer is upon us (unless you live in the Pacific Northwest like I do), so that means, you might find yourself traveling or vacationing a bit more than usual.  Sound about right?   Or, perhaps your job takes you on the road quite often.  So, just because you travel or vacation, does that mean […]

The Evolution of Portion Sizes

Tweet There’s no question and should really not come as much of a shock, that obesity is on the rise.  All it really takes is walking around a school, a shopping mall, or any State Fair and you'll quickly be greeted by an abundant of overweight people. Sadly, despite our governments efforts on educational programs […]

Hemp Hearts: The Nutrition World’s Best Kept Secret

Tweet One food that you should start adding to your diet almost immediately, if you want to optimize fat burning along with your overall health level, are hemp hearts.  Many people completely overlook this food simply because they are not aware of it or they fear it's fat content (foolish!). Hemp hearts offer a huge dose […]

The Ultimate Reset: Just Another Starvation Cleanse?

Tweet We've all heard of those ridiculous cleanses out there – Master Cleanse, Lemon Juice cleanse, Cabbage soup detox, blah blah – chances are, you've tried one or two to try and finally grab at those results you so desperately want.  Sound about right?  Well finally there is a cleanse that doesn't rob you of […]

Starvation Mode Aka The Detriment Of Calorie Restriction

Tweet If you’re like most people on a fat loss diet, you understand that in order to see fat loss success, one thing that you must be doing is reducing your calorie intake, watching your portions and the types of foods you consume.  It’s not entirely about calorie restriction, but for the typical person that […]

Low Carb Dieting, The Smart Way

Tweet If you’ve been reading up on some of the diet literature that circulates around right now, you have without a doubt heart of the low carb diet (among other ridiculous diets), or even followed the famed Atkins Diet, South Beach Diet, Abs Diet, etc.  Low carb diets have become a way of life for […]