Shakeology® – Frequently Asked Questions…ANSWERED!

Tweet When will Shakeology be available for sale in Canada? As of May 7, 2009, we are able to ship Shakeology orders to Canada. Should I continue to take Activit® or other multivitamins along with Shakeology? Because of the way Shakeology is formulated, one shake pretty much covers your body’s normal daily requirement for vitamins […]

A Mom’s Mission to Promote Healthy Living in our Kids

Tweet I’m probably one of the most proud stay-at-home Mom’s that is still trying to figure out how to juggle it all. A little background – I stepped out of corporate America, working in Commercial Real Estate for 8 years, to be with my kids, after my 2nd was born. My daughter is almost 3 […]

My Interview with NYC Personal Trainer – Natasha Linton

Tweet   I’ve had the great fortune of “tweeting” with New York based, personal trainer, Natasha Linton, after meeting on Twitter.  We both share a similar passion for fitness and healthy living, so naturally, I wanted to get her perspective on what drives her to do what she does, so well, and how this great […]

Beachbody® and the American Diabetes Association® – An alliance to Fight Type 2 Diabetes

Tweet I had the great opportunity to speak with David Gise, one of the creators behind Fitspott, a social networking site for fitness professionals and enthusiasts, a-like, to share their passion of helping others. So, immediately, David and I had a connection, given our respective businesses.  As we met on Twitter, we began “tweeting” about […]

What is your "WHY"?

Tweet Have you ever asked yourself that? What is my “WHY”? Well, if you are a Beachbody Coach, like me, you are constantly reminded to recognize your “WHY”. For so long I went back and forth on what my “WHY” was. Was it to provide more for my family? To be a role model for […]

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5 Tips for Teaching Nutritious Food Choices, By Suzy Buglewicz

Tweet It can seem like an impossible task to steer kids toward healthy food choices when they face a daily stream of endless advertisements depicting other kids happily devouring high-calorie foods loaded with sugar, fats, and sodium. But according to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), our food and physical activity choices affect not […]

Network Marketing and the Revolution of the Beachbody Coaching Opportunity

Tweet Carl Daikeler, CEO of Beachbody, is like the rest of us, in touch with the growing revelation of social media. Well with that, he’s the MAN behind the most powerful at home workout programs that have given MILLIONS incredible fitness results and business success, and now, the inscrupulous launch of the Beachbody Coaching Home […]

Beachbody Testimonial by Founding Coach, Blake Warrington

Tweet I wanted to share this great testimonial by one of our founding Coaches, and I’m honored to have him as our team leader. As a fellow skeptic, I related well with how he approached the business. Enjoy: “My name is Blake Warrington and I am a Beachbody Coach who has experienced tremendous results with […]