30 Day Fitness Jumpstart | Day 30 | Congratulations You Did It!

Day 30.

You made it through 30 days of life-changing activities from watching these videos every day to doing your workout and changing your nutrition. I mean, amazing. We have to have a party.

You know I can't go without doing my little special effects.

But seriously, it is quite an accomplishment. I'm so proud of you. Are you proud of yourself? This is quite a change, you know, to start something 30 days ago and look at where you are now. This is really wonderful. And I want you to congratulate yourself and do something nice for yourself.

Go out and buy yourself something new to wear that you feel really good in. And I want you to go in your closet and find some of your most dreaded fat clothes or just things that are not flattering to you and get rid of them. Okay?

You know, you can go to Target. You don't have to go buy top of the line clothes. Target has some cute little things you can get. But treat yourself to something nice. You did something amazing with the past 30 days.

So that's my advice to your for today. I hope you'll keep in touch. I'm going to still be sending out newsletters. And this is really only a beginning.

One more thing….DONT' EVER GIVE UP. KEEP GOING! 


  1. Carlos Alberto Pinales Jiménez says:

    Well, I really think I could´ve done more, but you know what? I have lost 5 kilos since then, and that´s something because like you said, that´s just the beginning. I am proud though. I will try to start insanity and do it until the end because last time I did 6 weeks instead of nine.

    Thanks for Chalene Johnson´s program, I started it already and it is helping me a lot too. I promise I will send you my pictures later in the next months when I get my goal.  


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