Day 1: What Is Your Why?

Today I want to challenge you to dig deep (and no, this isn’t the Shaun T-like one), but to reach within your heart and soul and really understand WHY you are finally ready.

Why now?  What’s different than the last attempt? Is there?

Be honest with yourself and go beyond that, “So I can fit in my skinny jeans”.

If you were to meet or exceed your goal, how would that make you feel? 

Check out the video I have for you today and I urge you to write down what your WHY is, truly reflect on it and please share it with me.  The more we are given the opportunity to get to know each other, the more we can have a geniune partnership to see to it, that WHY is fulfilled in more ways that one!

Remember, be sure to share it with me.

Your partner in health & fitness.

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