Day 4: How To Use the Team Beachbody Online SuperGym

There are so many great benefits to our community within Team Beachbody, and having a tool like the Online SuperGym, is just another measure to help us stay accountable.

I tend to be a bit competitive, so I have to log my workouts in EVERY DAY, at the SAME TIME, so I can show up for all the others that are in the SuperGym at that very same time, each and every day, too.  I hate to be called out for not being in the SuperGym, when my other buddies, that I’ve come to see everyday, are already in there, pushing play.  It helps keep me accountable and honest with my workouts.

Aside from the outstanding community (great message boards) that has been credited amongst the Team Beachbody customers (don’t forget, I’m a customer too!), it doesn’t hurt that there is a daily incentive of CASH PRIZES that are given away to those that commit!  Do you think I’m going to let a chance to win $500 or $1000 a day, pass me by?  No way, no how!

You shouldn’t either!  

If you are still getting your arms around the whole website and finding yourself a wee-bit lost, I wanted to direct you to a handy little tutorial that will walk you through how to schedule up your workouts, start them, find workout buddies and more.

(Click on image to re-direct to the Online SuperGym tutorial)

Beyond scheduling your workouts and entering yourself into the daily sweepstakes, there is a whole host of features and benefits to holding your Free player membership and even more benefits for Club Members (10% savings, recipes, meal plans, online Trainer chats, etc).

As you invest into your future of better health, take advantage of some great features available at your finger tips!

Your partner in health & success.

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