5 Quick Tips to Get Fit

Ok, let's face it!  Who ISN'T looking to get fit fast? If so, do you know what it takes to see some simple results, faster than ever? 

Many people set the goal to get fit quick but then never achieve it simply because they don’t have a proper approach as they go about the process. 

If you want to see optimal results, you need to be doing nothing but the best of training programs. And, by learning a few quick tips and techniques, you can do just that. 


Achieving your dream body really does not need to seem like mission impossible. You just need to understand what works and what doesn’t. 


Let’s go over what you need to know to get the ball rolling…..


1.  Crank Up The Intensity 

First things first, if you want to change your body, start boosting the intensity of your sessions. Nothing is going to cause change to occur faster than an extremely intense workout session. 

Intensity trumps volume every time. A 20 minute workout that has you giving 110% will almost always produce better results than a 60 minute one that has you working at only 70% of your potential. 

Go hard or go home – that’s really a good motto to live by. 


2.  Focus On Weights 

Second, make sure that you aren’t forgetting to include weight training. Of all the forms of exercise you could perform, this is the one that is going to best change your body.  While cardio training may burn calories, weight training is what will burn calories and reshape your figure

What more could you ask for? 


3.  Perform Full Body Movements 

I also like to call this compound moves.  When you hit those weight training sessions, focus on full body movements. Work as many muscle groups at once as you possibly can. That’s what will spike the metabolic rate the highest and get you burning up fat at unparalleled levels. 

Plus, the more muscles you work at once, the faster you can be in and out of the gym – and back to your daily life. 


4.  Remember To Rest 

In all this talk, don’t forget to rest as well. It’s easy to push things a little too far and think if five days in the gym is good, seven must be better.  But it isn’t. 

Remember, the body needs rest as well. Rest is when you recover and build yourself back up stronger than you were before, so if you’re neglecting this, you won’t be making progress forwards. 

Aim to have one, if not two, complete days off per week. 


5.  Don’t Neglect Nutrition 

Finally, you know how fickle I am about NUTRITION!  Remember the role of nutrition in all of this. No workout program is going to produce optimal results if you aren’t focusing on what you’re eating on a day to day basis. 

If you want to make body composition changes, your diet needs to be in line. If it isn’t, you’re not going to see progress. It’s that simple. 


These are simple enough, and important enough, that they should be a fixture in your lifestyle, when it comes to a fitness & nutrition regime.  


Are you missing out on any of these with your approach? 


Your partner in health & fitness,







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