5 Steps to Firmer Abs

If you’re looking to firm up your midsection and ‘get abs’ like so many people are, it’s vital that you understand what steps you should be taking to arrive at your end goal on time.

Many people end up spending months and months working towards the goal to get abs only to find themselves disappointed when they just aren’t seeing progress.

You’ve heard that age old saying: “Abs aren’t created in the gym, they are created in the kitchen”, right?

So what does it take to get firm abs? Let’s walk you through five steps you need to know.

Step 1: Get Your Calorie Intake Set 

If it comes right down to it, having abs has nothing to do with performing hundreds of sit-ups over and over again.  While doing those may make you the ab workout champ, it’s not going to have you seeing six pack abs pop out in your mid-section.

To get the look you’re after, what’s required is a very low body fat percentage.  Obtain this and then you’ll see definition.

This mean reducing back on your calorie intake so that you burn off more than you consume, which will then lead to fat being used as a fuel source.

Step 2: Choose Your Foods Wisely 

The second thing that you must do is make sure that you’re choosing your foods wisely.  You should be aiming to take in completely unprocessed foods that are rich in nutrients and will help you maintain stable blood sugar levels.

If you’re experiencing blood sugar highs and lows as you go about this diet, you’re headed for trouble.

Choose unrefined grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, oils, and lean sources of protein.  All other foods should be omitted from your diet at this point.

Step 3: Weight Train 

Weight training is another must-do in your program plan.  Weight training will help to spike your metabolism, boost your lean muscle mass, and help add more tone and definition.

Furthermore, the abs will be called into play in almost any weight training exercise you perform while standing, reducing the need to work them separately on their own.

As long as you’re weight training with full body movements, you can be sure that your abs are getting a workout.

Step 4: Be Smart With Cardio

Cardio training is one thing that does often provide some confusion for many people.  Cardio training will burn calories, but it’s not going to assist with fat loss like some people believe it will.  The real secret to fat loss is a good diet plan – there’s no getting around that.

With cardio training however, if you perform interval training, you can boost your metabolism, which will have a very noticeable effect on your progress.

Alternate between high and low intensity bouts for 30-60 seconds each instead of slaving away for hours on end at a moderate intensity.

Step 5: Have Patience

Finally, make sure that you have some patience.  Getting flat abs does take some time, so if you expect results overnight, you’re already headed for trouble.  Be patient and results will come.

Easy enough right??  Now, get right to it!  Stick to these simple 5 steps and that 6-pack will pop in no time!

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