A Typical Day For Me

One of the best things about what I do as a Fitness & Nutrition Consultant, is I get to help people and inspire them to change (of course, if they are ready).  It never gets old!  And funny enough, I was just at a friends 2-year old birthday party today, and the conversation naturally went into what kind of workouts I do, if I'm super strict as I seem and how I started with my changes.  

I'm always up front in saying two things – CONSISTENCY and it DIDN'T HAPPEN OVENIGHT.  

So often we want results and we want them now.  Right?  Or when we start making a few changes in our lifestyle, but not seeing the changes after only 5 days, we go "What gives??  I"m working my butt off and seeing nothing!"  

Sorry people!  You didn't gain that weight over lose that muscle overnight.  It happened with consistency, over time, so you can only expect results to happen the same too, right?  Do I sound like a broken record?  

Back to the conversation we were having admist 10 or so kids, all 6 and under, weaving in and out of us with cake in their bellies and bubbles in their hands.  I never really found my day-to-day activities that interesting, but it's funny how many people have asked me lately, "Taryn, what's a typical day like for you?"  Well, since most days aren't "typical" for me, hard to be when you have a 6 and a 4 yr old, first week of Summer vacation and a business to run.  

But, we do the best we can and thought I could give a sneak peak into my days as a busy Stay-At-Home Mom, Business Owner, Social Media junkie (i'm not on it as much as you think – thanks to the teachings of Sandi Krakowski and Chalene Johnson).  Nothing earth shattering, but here it is:

Summer Schedule Monday Through Friday:

5:30am – Wake Up. Drink at least 8 oz of water and log in my workout in Team Beachbody's Online SuperGym.

6:00am – Workout (right now it's CrossFit, with a little Insanity or running mixed in)

7:00am – Workout complete, time to get kids fed and me showered.

KIDS CLEAN EATS: The Kids eat FULL FAT Plain Greek Yogurt w/ Bear Naked Granola and blueberries, followed by either a Van's Gluten Free Waffle and fruit or 1 egg and toast. Although lately, I will say, they've been asking for a glass of "frosty" Shakeology for breakfast, with a side of toast! Don't have to ask me twice!!

MY CLEAN EATS: My post workout regime varies, but I typically will consume a 8 oz of ONE Coconut Water with a scoop of Vega's Recovery Protein Powder, unless I have Steel cuts, than I"ll just stick with the Coconut Water. 

8:00am – BREAKFAST

MY CLEAN EATS: Typical breakfast will rotate any of these: Steel Cut Oats topped with Blueberries and Vega Recovery Protein & Fage Greek Yogurt (lots of PROTEIN!!) or 2 slices of Dave's Light Killer Bread, 2 eggs and wilted Spinach or 2 egg omelet with tons of veggies and side of toast and fruit.  Seems like a ton, right? Well, with the workouts I love, I need the fuel and best thing is to get it in with the most important meal of the day – breakfast.  Oh, and coffee too, no cream, just 1/2 tsp of Coconut oil and Cinnamon. 

8:30 – 10:00am – Computer time.  Kids work on chores, get themselves dressed and once that happens (we know kids, that can take them an hour alone, as they find simple distractions), they can watch a show, which gives me time to get back to customers, my team of Coaches and work on my Blog. 

10:00am – 2:00pm – It's ALL about the kids! We do what they want, since it's Summer vacation.  Unless they have a camp or swimming lessons. **Except Friday's at 10:00am, I teach my favorite Turbo Kick class! 

12:30pm – LUNCH. 

KIDS CLEAN EATS: Typical lunch for the kids include Raw Peanut Butter w/ Organic Jam on Dave's Killer Bread or Applegate Sliced Turkey and Cheese sandwich.  Each meal includes a side of fruit or carrot sticks.  

MY CLEAN EATS: Lunch for me is either my beloved Chocolate Shakeology or a mixed Greens salad (love the one from Beachbody's Ultimate Reset), if we are at home. 


2:00pm – 3:30pm: Home for downtime and Mommy gets back to work. 

3:30pm – 5:30pm: Take kids to the park or playtime!  Then, dinner prep.

6:00pm  – DINNER. We eat as a family.

We all eat together, although not in the traditional sit down at the table style.  Since our "office" exists on our dining room table (I'm listening to Sandi's advice and need to find another location for it – but for now, it's convenient), the kids eat at the counter and Tony and I stand on the other side and face them.  It's not perfect, but it works as we can all talk and catch up on the day. 

I've worked really hard to put good clean meals together for myself, and since I want to be a role model for my kids, I want them to be apart of the clean eats we have.  So, I only make ONE meal at dinner, not 4 different ones to please their palate.  And guess what, they ALWAYS eat what I make. 

FAMILY CLEAN EATS: Dinner typically includes a protein source of sorts – Chicken, Salmon or steak (on occassion), or because it's fun, we'll have breakfast for dinner (Frittata w/ load of vegetables and maybe some Applegate Chicken Sausage). We always have a root vegetable of sorts – a medly of beets, squash or sweet potato, onion and carrots –  to get in our CLEAN complex carbs.  A few times a 

week, we may have Quinoa too, and since it's Summer, we've been having a lot of Arugula Salads with Quinoa, much like this one from Domestic Fits site: The Best Little Quinoa Salad (although I've made changes over time.  Will post recipe one day.)  Regardless, our meals always include 50% vegetables and 25% protein and 25% carbs, that don't come from grains! 

6:30pm – 7:30pm – It's time to hang with the kids on the couch or outside, then head down to read books for bedtime. Once a week I host our Team Call that falls at 6:30pm, but will only last about 30-45 mins, as I always want to be a part of bed time. 

8:00 – 9:00pm – Kids are down and Tony and I hunker down to get some work done on our computers, then it's off the computers and time for US! This is the time period where I craft my to-do list for the next day of success.  


Depending on how the day goes and my hunger level, I usually add in 1-2 snacks each day.  They tend to fall in between Breakfast/Lunch and Lunch/Dinner and consist of a Zing Bar (supporting local Nutritionists) or Green's Plus Protein Bar (typically AM snack); Apple & PB2 is an afternoon staple or a 2nd Shakeology for the afternoon energy boost or cut up veggies and hummus (I get the individual packs from Costco – super clean and proportioned out!!).

So there you have it, a typical day in the crazed life of Taryn Perry – busy mom, business owner/Mommy Blogger, social media junkie and wife – not necessarily all in that order. Not all that it was cracked up to be right?  SEE! I'm only human too..just like YOU!

Now, once the Fall comes back around and my kids are back in school, perhaps I'll have to re-write a blog to share with you what those days are like, as they will change, no doubt.

If not for entertainment purposes, I do hope this inspires you to know that you can create a schedule that fits YOUR current lifestyle and demands of the day.  In fact, can you share in the comments below or on my Facebook page, what your typical day looks like? 

Your partner in health & fitness,









  1. Judith McPhedran Robinson says:

    You are one busy girl, but super organized with your priorities in the right perspective!  And trust me.  As her proud Mom, and having spent several days visiting to see my family, this is all true!! Amazing woman, so take any bits of wisdom and incorporate it into your “your day”. 

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