Challenge #4 for the Week

Since we’ve embarked on our final decent into Spring, I’ve decided to get a little more realistic with my personal challenges, so have moved them to weekly. I think many would agree, it’s important to master one each time, then to rush on to the next. So, that’s exactly what I’m doing. So…….

Challenge # 4 is……

Take more time to STRETCH before and after workouts.


I’ve known always that this is the key to avoiding injury, increase flexibilty and mobility, but it’s usually the one part in my exercise routine that gets cut short…and that needs to STOP. I do warm up and cool down for roughly 2-3 minutes before each workout, which in asking some trainers, is appropriate. BUT, I really would like to work on more flexibilty, minimize any opportunity for injury and enhance my mobility.


I’m currently training for my 1st marathon (YAH! Go me!) and much of that involved endurance and taking appropriate measure to avoid injury. This is where STRETCHING can be key.


So as Tony Horton reiterates for us in the video above: “Flexibity is the Fountain of Youth”. I’m going to give my body the best reward and enhance its durability – thanks Tony! :)

Join me in this challenge for now and your future!


Taryn Perry

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