CrossFit Interbay | Bellevue CrossFit Throwdown 2012

This was the 2nd annual CrossFit Interbay & Bellevue CrossFit Throwdown and I was excited to be able to participate.  Not because I had expected to finish in any particular standing, just to FINISH!

There were 3 varying WOD’s in the Throwdown competition:

FireBreather WOD: Elite WOD where all workouts are to be performed at prescribed weight for the men’s & women’s division.

Intermediate WOD: Scalable WOD for athletes of all fitness levels.

SealFit Team WOD: A team workout (4 total; 2 women/2 men) built based on Soldiers & Sailors elite fitness requirements (think Navy Seals!).

There were some incredible athletes that participated in all WOD’s, and I was beyond nervous to be up against some women in the FireBreather division (I placed 14th out of 30 elite female athletes).

This event brought together people of varying fitness back grounds (mine, of course, primarily P90X & Turbo Kick), but there was no love lost between everyone, just support and encouragement to push to your greatest potential.  I had no initial expectation of making it to the finals, just finish without falling flat on my face or dropping a weight on my head! :)  Mission accomplished.

Next year, perhaps I’ll make a goal of finishing in Top 10.  Watch out, Valery! :)


  1. Awesome job Taryn!

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