CrossFit Review

Well it’s no real secret that my overwhelming passion for fitness evolved from a little 90-day program called P90X.  However, that’s not to say, that even after 3 years of absolutely loving the results that it gifted me, not to mention education on what I was doing horribly wrong at the gym….I always love to entertain and challenge other facets of fitness.

Now, there is SOOO much controversy out there about P90X-this and CrossFit-that, and each “cult”, as they tend to form, saying their regime is better than the other.

Admittedly, I may have had a hint of the P90X cult mentality, thinking it was the bee’s knees and nothing was better than it….but then I allowed myself to be open minded about CrossFit and the potential and opportunity behind it.  But don’t worry Tony Horton….I won’t stray far, just improve my strength so I can beat you in an arm wrestling contest!!

So, the intention of this blog is to simply give my PERSONAL REVIEW of CrossFit, based on my recent experience at CrossFit Interbay. Don’t worry, those of you reading this that have an opinion one way or another, I’ll invite you to comment below!

As you may know, I’m all about recommendations and referrals (thanks to Kate Kester for introducing P90X to me), I have heard so many of my trusted fellow fitness freaks rave about CrossFit.  Naturally…my interest was piqued. So I hoped on the internet and literally Googled: WHAT IS CROSSFIT?

Further piqued, I checked around at the Seattle area CrossFit gyms and saw that CrossFit Interbay was a stones throw away.  Perfect.  I wanted to check it out and if I could keep it to the neighborhood,#WINNING!!  I called up my sister-in-law, well ok, likely texted her, in fact, to see if she wanted to check it out with me.  She’s always down to try something new…that’s what I love about her!

I emailed Ron, the owner of my neighborhood CrossFit gym and asked if I could come in with my SIL to check out a class or two, to see what all the craze was about.  As luck would have it, I caught them on a weekend that all the gym Coaches were away on a CrossFit conference in Vegas…hmm…conference???  Yeah, ok guys!  Haha.  Hey, more power to them – work hard, play hard.  But Ron was great and immediately invited us to take a weekend “group class”, which was very different than the typical workouts that are typical throughout the week.

Whatever it was, we were there.  And it was fun.  They called it more of a “team workout”, so we worked in groups to challenge, motivate and encourage one another to get through the Workout Of the Day (aka WOD).

Since the class was split equally with Men & Women, we were, naturally, split up as “Men’s Team” and “Women’s Team”.  Go figure.  But it was great.  We started out doing a warm up of a group 400 Meter run, where we ran in tandem, and the last runner sprinted to the front of the line, then tranisition to a jog, until we make our way to the back of the line again, and repeated the sprint to the front.  A twist on a relay race, if you will.

After that, we went into the gym, stretched a bit and went over the general techniques to the WOD.  If you were to ask me what that was today…I can’t totally remember.  BUT, I know there were pull-ups, rowing, inch worms, push ups and maybe a clean or two, involved.

Overall, kicked my butt and I was pleased.

As Ron returned from his (ahem) “conference”, he and his wife, Erin, of which they own the gym together, invited me back to experience a full week of the gym and the opportunity to work with them and learn the “fundamentals” of the format.

I won’t detail every single WOD I did when I took him up on the offer to check out the week (you can visit CrossFit Interbay’s website to check out the previous WOD’s – Ron is great about posting everyone’s results and photographic evidence, daily)….but it certainly tested my strength, endurance and stamina.  The adrenaline junkie that I am…I was intrigued.  I will brag for a second, thanks to one of the female trainers that is this petite little thing that you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley (she’s STRONG AS HELL), helped me learn what my 1RM (1 Rep Maximum) was with Dead Lifts.  If it wasn’t for her, I would’ve never thought or attempted to lift 205 lbs!!!  Of course no match to her 255 1RM, but I was rather impressed with myself.

After my week trial, I enjoyed the challenge and oddly, the fact that I was so sore that I could barely walk for days.  Clearly, I was ready and NEEDED the challenge, as I haven’t felt that sore since the day I started P90X or may even say Insanity gave me that too. Not to mention, I did like having a “Coach” to even guide me, hold me accountable, challenge me and bring my strength abilities to the surface.

I was convinced this was a facet I was interested in learning more about and seeing what I was made of.  So, I’m the biggest newbie to CrossFit, but as I said, I enjoy learning more about other fitness platforms and continuing to apply and educate myself.

Again, as I can only speak to my personal experience, I can certainly see how and why there is so much negativity from the “industry professionals” about CrossFit and how some can be suseptable to injury.

BUT, and that’s a big BUT, I also believe that if you have the opportunity to work with a well educated trainer, that will properly guide you through the techniques and fundamentals of the “sport” to avoid injury, then, this could be a very effective workout for many.  Yes, even us P90X’ers!

My parting message to those that are reading this review (and thank you for reading my banter, by the way), fitness is a “sport” and one that you need to find that works for you and motivates YOU.  It’s not about the latest craze or trend, but finding that core solution to reach YOUR goals.  Do your homework and research from reputable sources, which workout is best for you, if either of them.  I enjoyed reading Mark Sisson’s recent article on P90X and CrossFit. **Note, I don’t get into the nutrition aspect of the two, as each camps have their own opinions, as do I (hint: CLEAN EATING).

For me, this is allowing me to expand on my goals, as my personal motto is: ALWAYS BE A WORK IN PROGRESS. I challenge even the elite athlete reading this (whether a 12x P90X grad or a born and bred CrossFitter), to have that mind frame as well.  Oh, and also to be open to all aspects of fitness and don’t HATE on the other dilienations of fitness.  We are all in it for the same purpose and should support and applaud one another for being active and contributing to ending the trend of obesity!

Am I right, or am I right?

Ok, if you are reading this and wondering what all this talk is about P90X is, be sure to check out a previous article to learn more about it, as I will always been it’s #1 fan, due to how it transformed my entire Mommy-physique!

If you’ve tried both, I’d love to have you share YOUR experience with either workout and what you like best/least about either.

Your partner in health & fitness.


  1. I started with P90X back in 2009 and love the program too.  I have dabbled with crossfit at home but wanted that group workout with a trainer.  I love going to Crossfit Huntsville each morning for my daily butt kicking but I still have P90X2 on pre-order and am just as excited for it to come out.

  2. I started off doing normal everyday weight lifting and then moved over to PX90.  I did PX90 for about 4 months and realized I was losing quite a bit of strength.  I learned quickly that PX90 was NOT the way for me to continue.  I’m a fan of being fast, flexible, and strong so I tried out CrossFit.  Three years to this month I have never gone back.  My overall strength, endurance, speed, and flexibility have drastically increased.  I’m 39 years old and can lift more, run faster, and jump higher than I could in my early 20’s.  I now do CrossFit with my wife and a few neighbors in my own garage.  The community is amazing and best of all…the advice and information is completely free.

  3. Were you doing PX90 or P90X?? *wink *wink. The one thing I love about fitness, is there is something for EVERYONE. Not everyone will fall in love with P90X or get the results 1000’s of people have had, nor not everyone will love CrossFit and get faster, better, stronger, like 1000’s of people do too. Thanks for sharing your feedback. I do love the CF community!

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