How Do I Shed Belly Fat?

This may be the #1 question I get asked by women as new Mom’s, seasoned Mom’s and all others looking to shed excess belly fat. Ok, men too! Who doesn’t want to shed belly fat??


Whether that excess belly fat be post-baby weight, the “Freshman 15” or years of neglect of YOURSELF, the answer is simple and straight across the board.


Nutrition and Exercise. It doesn’t get any more tricky than that. Certainly no magic pill, “fad” diet or magic wand is going to intervene. At least not for the long haul.


Magic Pills and “fad” diets are SO yesterday. Agree?


Almost a year ago to the date, I wrote the article Top 7 Tips to a Tighter and Stronger Mid-Section.  Ring a bell?  These all go hand in hand in how to dial in on your mid-section.  There is NO spot reducing…sorry to burst the bubble to ya my friends!


The wave of the future and your flat belly, comes down to what you consume and how you move.


As a former gym rat and 2-pack contender for YEARS before I had kids, I thought I was of the elite in the dingy gym I went to. Often feeling confident about the abs I was creating with countless crunches and wasted time on the treadmill, only to go home and refuel with all the wrong things.


Hmmm….why wasn’t I getting that 6-pack I knew was in there?


Fast forward a few years and 2 kids later. As a Mom and a women, I was prepared by so many friends that being “mushy” and “frumpy” just comes with the territory. You mean, um, sort of like a reward we reap for bearing little miracles? Shoot, really?


No way…I wasn’t going to settle for that.


As you may know from my success story, post-baby, I surpassed the “frumpy” Mom category and got that 6-pack I knew I had in me, even 15 years since I saw my last one, from high school.


How? Well, for me, it came with a home fitness program called P90X®. Never heard of it, right?? Hahah. If you know me, chances are you SICK of me boasting about it.


Why do I boast about it? It taught me so many things I was doing wrong with my Nutrition and Exercise. Boy, and was I WAY off on how good I thought I was by hitting the gym 3-4 x’s a week and eating “selectively”. And Mom’s, selectively doesn’t mean eating the crusts of your kids sandwiches, picking at the remains of their Mac N’ Cheese or drinking the remnants of their Organic Chocolate milk. Sorry to burst your bubble.


Ok, so aside from the lessons I learned about overall nutrition and exercise, I learned HOW and WHY I was, just NOW, in my 30’s and after bearing 2 children, successful with achieving that 6-pack. And guess what, it didn’t come from the 367 or so ab exercises that comes with the famed Ab Ripper X. Of course a contributing factor? Yes!


But, it was how I nourished my body with CLEAN and WHOLE foods, is what shed the BELLY FAT and BODY FAT, from my post-baby-former-frumpy-self!


YES, those abs I so adamantly wanted so I could prove some of my friends wrong – they were APPEARING! Right before my eyes. Holy cow! Imagine that, ladies!


The best part was, it was simple. Sort of. To me, I find peace with eating well and exercising. Others, find it a chore. So I suppose I use simple as a selective term.


But the core of the story here, (pun intended) is that any Mom, Dad, former athlete or anyone else in between, has the chance to see those abs again! Yes you do, and don’t you dare say that it’s in your genetics to have belly fat! Don’t get me started on that topic.


People, it starts with your nutrition. Eating clean foods will sculpt your core giving you those lean, flat and sexy abs you admire from your favorite fitness model, P90X® grad or athlete. We are ALL capable of having them and they don’t need to be airbrushed on.


Did you know that 80% of any success in weight loss comes from what and how you eat?? 80%!

Here’s another little thing that P90X, but namely Tony Horton (the celebrity brains behind this 90-day Extreme Home System; pictured below with me), you don’t need to train your abs DAILY, just to firm up that 6-pack. In fact, in my recent stint on QVC with himself and another crew of P90X grads, I asked him that very question.




His response? “There is no need to beat yourself up over 3,000 crunches a day, just to get a lean core.”


That’s going to come from A) what you EAT B) how you TRAIN (train with a purpose; train like an athlete – think Pull-ups, push-ups, functional training moves and C) how you FEEL.


It’s amazing how a good attitude can be the foundation for success in your 6-pack abs.


Generally, happy people are healthy people. Thus, healthy people are happy people. Why? Because we ENJOY taking care of ourselves.


Ok, so think outside of the box when it comes to training your core/abs (just say no to 3,000 crunches a day!). A few little tips to leave you with:


– EAT CLEAN and LEAN (Remember, it’s 80% of your weight loss, core-tightening, success).

– Engage your core with any exercise activity you do. Pull belly button into the spine and focus on your breathing.

– Body weight training exercises are major core stabilizers: Pull-ups, Push up’s, Plyometric jumps, Squats, plank)

– Watch your posture. Stand up TALL with shoulders back, chest up, core strong.

– Get P90X®. Oh, is that a shameless plug? Ok, yes, but only cause it WORKS!


Again, shedding that belly fat isn’t going to come by way of a magic pill, quickie “fad” diet or countless crunches. And it’s certainly not going to come over night. It’s all in how you nourish your body and train as you exercise.


I always advise my customers to TRAIN and LIVE with a PURPOSE.


Your partner in health & fitness.

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