How to Make time for Exercise

I was honored to be asked by Certified Personal Organizer®, D. Allison Lee, to do a guest blog piece on her website on “How to Make Time for Exercise”.   After some self-doubt on my own organization, I knew that I had mastered making time for exercise – even as a busy Mom of 2 active kid’s.

I invite you to check out the blog post – CLICK HERE – although I’ll offer in quick summary, my suggestions on how, as little as 20 minutes a day, can supercharge your day, kick start your metabolism and set the stage for your new physical transformation:

  • Schedule your workouts and COMMIT!  No excuse.

    • Is that at 5:00 AM? For me it is!
    • Is it during your lunch break? Remember, only takes 20 minutes!
    • Is it before you go home after work?  Hit the gym before you head home, as once you get home, your likelihood of getting motivation to exercise goes down by 40%!
  • Make them fun.  Be creative.
  • Switch up your workouts regularly.
    • Continue to challenge yourself and get the most out of your results.
  • Try something new.
    • New walk/run route.
    • New at-home workout program
    • New fitness challenge.
    • New Wii Fit game.
    • New group fitness class.
  • Get a buddy.
    • Working out with a friend often offers more motivation and accountability.  Two key elements in sticking to your commitment.

Moral of the story, make fitness a part of your daily “TO-DO” list.  It’s just something as part of your day, just like eating breakfast, brushing your teeth and calling your Mom.  DON’T FORGET.  No excuses.

Your partner in health & fitness.


  1. Taryn, thanks for posting this. It is very helpful. Sometimes I just get caught up with so many things and overwhelm myself thinking and worrying about everything else that I end up not doing anything at all. I also find it helpful working out in the morning. It helps me start my day right. All the best! Filipina

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