Why Women Should Lift Weights

You know what I’ve found to bring me the best success and rapid results?

Constant weight training.

Weight training was very much a part of my post-baby weight loss!  Naturally, we ladies, all too often get fixated on cardio and that it’s the key to us losing weight, but fail to recognize by adding weight training to a regime, you burn more calories and gain more lean muscle.

Especially as women, we fear that by lifting weights, will bulk us up, thus gaining weight we are so desperate to lose.  Sound about right?

Throughout my respective transformation journey’s with my favorite Beachbody workouts, I’ve learned so much about lifting weights vs cardio.  There is something for everyone and they offer some great training from professionals. It’s like having a personal Personal Trainer in the privacy of your own home, on your own schedule!  And because of that, I’ve been able to drop my gym membership and get into better shape than I EVER have been.

I digress, but what have I learned along the way??  A simple mantra to remember….MUSCLE BURNS FAT (thanks Chalene)!

As women, we’ve all been conditioned to think that if we lift heavy weights, that we will build bulk and not be feminine. Not true! If you lift heavy weights with low reps, you’ll build lean, sexy sculpted muscle, all while burning tons of calories.

Why? Because your body is working so much harder lifting those heavy weights, that by the time you put them down and get on with your day, your body is still burning calories. With cardio, you STOP burning calories when you finish your activity. Who would’ve thought??

Hope this is helpful! I’ve got lots of great workout programs that align with this theory.

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