P90X2 (Review) & CrossFit Hybrid

As you likely know, I’ve become quite the obsessed CrossFit fan, thanks to CrossFit Interbay and a few friends that encouraged me to try it!  Well, as a result, I’ve been able to challenge myself beyond my wildest expectation and lift heavier, run faster and build up my endurance.

Now, it’s pretty safe to say that P90X was a huge catalyst in that as well, when I started 3 years ago.  But like anything, variety is the spice of life, which is why I think I enjoy P90X, now P90X2 and CrossFit so much!  Tons of variety in each.

So as I stare 2012 in the face and reflect on what I accomplished in 2011 and what I WISH to accomplish in 2012, much of it stems from my performance in the fitness realm of things.  No, I’m not saying I want to strut the stage in a bikini or anything, but really just see what I’m capable of as a working-stay-at-home-Mom in her mid-30’s, that wants to be in the best darn shape of her life!  Not too much to ask, right?   And trust me, folks, if I can find time to do this, YOU CAN TOO!!

As a result, I’ve started my own version of P90X2 & CrossFit as a hybrid.  It’s not a perfect schedule, but I do what I can, on the days that won’t over tax my muscles and allow for ample recovery.  I’m also teaching Turbo Kick once a week too, so double workouts will happen a few times a week.

Here’s a sneak peak into P90X2:


Be sure to visit my YouTube channel to see the first Phase of workouts in P90X2. Stay tuned as I get to Phase 2 of P90X2 & CrossFit.

I also have to share a short clip on how I feel that P90X & P90X2 have aided in my performance at CrossFit.  I don’t think I would’ve EVER attempted to even consider trying this, if it wasn’t from the belief in my abilities from my CrossFit Coaches!

CrossFit Box Jumps:

I invite you to continue to follow my journey as I muscle (literally) through P90X2 & CrossFit, with a healthy and strong body!

If you have a hybrid to share, please leave a comment below!  Would love to hear from you!

Your partner in health & fitness.


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