Operation: Shed Mommy’s Post-Baby Weight

Do you feel as though having kids has just taken a toll on your figure?  Maybe left you that cushy layer of post-baby weight? Have you succumbed to eating your kids snacks and finger foods, because it’s convenient?  Do you think you need to settle with being fat & frumpy?  DEFINITELY NOT!

Baby bulge

And you know what?  You aren’t alone!  I was YOU.  I felt lost, depressed and sick and tired of being sick and tired…oh, and FAT!

Don’t get me wrong, having my kids was one of the proudest moments in my life (and not even sure we are done yet), but I refused to accept what some of my other Mom friends would say as “that glorious ‘left over’ reward of bearing children”.  NO THANKS!!  Not me.  Not anymore. NO EXCUSES!



It’s time to focus on YOU.  We can only be better Mommy’s when we work on ourselves, right??!  Not to mention, why not set the stage for a lifestyle of physical activity and good health for your kids?  As, we all know, they develop their habits from what they learn from US!!!  You owe them that much.  You owe YOURSELF!

If you’ve read my story, you’ll recall how I set out on a mission to shed my post baby weight.  Through and during my mission, I realized that I wasn’t alone in this battle.  In fact, my Mom friends (and stranger’s alike) started coming out of the wood work, sharing with me their struggles and upsets with carrying around the excess post-baby weight.  It’s almost like we became each other’s therapist!

After I hit my goals, I was set out on a new mission, and that was to inspire other New Mom’s that they could seek success in reaching their goals of weight loss, all while still being that Super Mom, their kids have always known and love – just minus the muffin top!

So check out how THIS stay-at-home Mom found P90X® and how in just 90 days changed my entire outlook on life (I know, I know, a bit cliché and likely sounds like a damn infomercial.  But you know WHAT?!!  I don’t CARE!  Ok, I do, I do, care.  It’s true.  Oh, and I’m in the latest infomercial!  Haha). All jokes aside…I learned a TON, of what I was doing wrong!  And yup, you guessed it, eating the leftovers off my kids plates…was completely sabotaging my progress, or lack there of.  LIGHT BULB!


And you know what?  P90X might not be the vehicle YOU use to reach your goals, maybe a future goal or challenge to work towards, but starting by getting yourself “scheduled” into your day, is imperative to success.  What your first step is, recognizing it’s YOUR time and NOW it’s time to put a action plan in place.

Guess what???  I want to help you get there.  I will offer continued support, guidance and motivation to reach your goals.  There is no reason why you have to settle.  No Mother should have to settle, unless they CHOOSE to.  I choose NOT to.  What’s your choice?

Send me an email: taryn@choose2befit.com, as I’d be happy to help you shed that post-baby weight for free!!

Your partner in health & fitness.



  1. True that! I didn’t take it off and here I am 19 years later, with even more! You have to do it sometime…sooner is better than later!

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