Top 10 Reasons to Get P90X Certified


If you are here, WELCOME, as you are either A) a P90X graduate, B) Fitness or Personal Trainer/Group Instructor of sorts or C) a combo of A & B, and just love to continue to learn more about the science behind a program like, P90X.  

P90X® Certification provides a much deeper understanding of the science, nutrition, and history of P90X, and it gives you the tools you'll need to help your customers and clients achieve their unique fitness goals.

Being P90X®​ Certified will also deepen your fitness knowledge, strengthen your coaching skills, and could open doors to significant fitness and financial opportunities for years to come.

Are you still toying with the idea as to whether or not to get P90X Certified? 

Well, at our last Beachbody Summit event, I had the chance to listen to Tony Horton, speak to the benefits of the Certifications, not to mention the newly certified Coaches, that were in Vegas. 
So, here's his Top 10 Reasons to Get P90X Certified:
10.  Walk the Talk
9.  Change Lives
8.  Turn Your Passion into a New Career
7.  Earn valuable NASM continuing education credits
6.  Gain Access to new Customers
5.  Special Discounts
4.  Knowledge in Power
3.  Stand out from the crowd – distinguish yourself and your business
2.  Excellent Workout Previews
And…..drum roll……The #1 Reason to get P90X Certified, according to Tony Horton, himself:
1. VIP Access at any P90X related event, video trainings, etc.

So if you are currently a Fitness Trainer, looking to become one or just an avid fan of P90X, >>> CLICK HERE NOW <<< to get yourself more information how you can find a P90X Certification course near you! 

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