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One of the most effective ways I’ve been success in my fitness goals is when I’m held accountable.  Seeing success come from clients I work with, because I set them up with an accountability group, is validation to the necessity of having a workout accountability partner of sorts. 

Many people overlook the importance and benefits that these can provide, but if you are serious about seeing optimal results from your program plan, and are the type that could blow off your workout because the sky is blue, you absolutely need to get a motivational game plan in place. 

Have you ever started up on a fitness program in the past and fallen off due to boredom or simply lack of interest?  Had good intentions, but then didn’t really have anyone to stay accountable to, except yourself?

You know precisely what we’re referring to here.  Motivation is something that does tend to wax and wane on its own, but fortunately, if you put a few key strategies into action, you can try and ensure that it stays at a higher level at all times. 

Let’s have a quick peek at why a workout accountability partner is the best way to go and the variety of options, based on your interests, budget and goals. 

Why Get A Workout Accountability Partner? 

A workout accountability is a terrific way to keep yourself motivated because you know when someone is counting on you to keep up with your workouts, showing up for each scheduled session, you will be that much more likely to do so. 

A workout accountability partner will make you feel guilty, if you don’t show up (don’t be that person!!), thus having to explain your lame excuse.  This can, at times, be enough to get some people to the gym when needed. 

In addition to that, when you have a workout accountability partner and reach a goal you’ve set for yourself, you then have someone that you can celebrate this milestone with. That’s also a huge benefit of having one in place. 

The Workout Buddy 

So, the first type of workout accountability partner to consider is a workout buddy. A workout buddy is something around your fitness skill level who you will do your workout with.  They’ll show up to the gym with you and you can encourage each other along. 

You are each other’s accountability partner.

The Accountability Friend 

Prefer solo style workouts? I feel ya… If you’d rather do your workouts alone, then simply ask a close friend you trust to be your accountability partner. Report to them each and every time that you do a workout session so that they know it’s being completed. 

Share with them you goals, anticipated challenges and if it helps, give them a copy of your workout schedule as well so that way they know very well each and every time you should be in the gym. 

The Personal Trainer 

Finally, the last workout accountability partner that you might consider is the personal trainer.  If you can afford it, getting yourself a personal trainer or fitness trainer, is a perfect way to keep committed to seeing results

A personal trainer will be there to guide you through the program and talk you through any problems or limitations, and assure you are succeeding in each workout. This can be a huge help, plus the financial commitment might ensure that you show up. 

What type of workout accountability partner suits you best?  Visit me on Facebook and tell me…NOW!  Go…quick!

Get one for yourself and see what kind of impact it has on your results. 

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