7 How To’s to Stay in Control of Daily Choices

I often get asked how I reached my post-baby weight loss results and how I maintain it. Obviously, the bulk of my results came about via P90X, and I credit this workout program for triggering that “ah-ha” moment in my nutrition.

Like anything, to get results, it’s not an overnight quick fix or 90 day effort, for that matter, but more of a change in choices. Only choices YOU can make for yourself, if you have the desire to want to see results.

For me, I was sick and tired of being that fat, frumpy, Stay-At-Home Mom, so I knew I had to make some changes. Well, most know how the rest of the story unfolded there, but short of it is, I had to stay in control of Daily Choices I made.

That being said, I surrounded myself with inspirational people and literature (The Slight Edge is amazing). I’m always a student so love to learn new tips, recipes and theories.

I gain a lot of knowledge and motivation from Oxygen Magazine. A recent article I read really clicked. It’s was about owning self control… and making daily choices to maintain control.

So in the hopes to offer encouragement and motivation for others to find their own physical success, here’s 7 How To’s on staying in control of your daily choices:

1. Resist the Urge.
If you find yourself in a moment of weakness, take a step away from the pantry, fridge or food aisle and give yourself 30 seconds away from the situation and BREATHE. Ask yourself, “do I really need this? Will it be worth it afterwards?” Quickly distract yourself with a walk around the block, read a book to your kids or, ladies, paint your nails! That will keep you from reaching for something that may ruin your hard work!

2. Long Term vs. Short Term.
Will the decision you make today about skipping your workout or having yet another “cheat” meal, help you reach your long term goal? Likely not. Think ahead about how the one decision you make can impact your health in the long term.

3. Recognize Your Accomplishments.
Always celebrate any small success. And no, I’m not talking about going out for a beer or ice cream with your friends, but more use that energy from triumph and know you are building a better you, as a result. If you lose that pesky last 5 lbs… be proud and continue on. Celebrate that success of determination.

4. Set Small Realistic Goals.
Don’t set yourself up for failure by setting extravagant, lofty goals like, I want to lose 15 lbs in a week. NO way, NO how! Instead, set small attainable goals, like pre-planning your day of healthy meals or to drink more water throughout the day. Keeping them attainable, will allow you to celebrate more accomplishments along the way.

5. Make Good Choices.
Opt for the chicken and vegetables over the hurking hamburger, while out for dinner. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Pass by and don’t reach for a handful of M&M’s on the reception desk. Each good choice you make, rewards you in the long term.

6. Think Ahead of the Game.
If you know you have to skip a workout or have an upcoming evening out for work or with friends… prepare accordingly. Opt for smaller meals on the days you aren’t burning extra calories or have a pep talk with yourself on how you WON’T sabotage your goals while out enjoying a social setting.

7. Let Go of the Guilt.
We all have our moments and the best you can do is embrace them and MOVE ON! Don’t dwell on the past. Recognize what you could’ve done better and move on. Don’t harbor any guilt for over indulging. We all do it… on occasions!

I am only human and would be silly and a flat out lie, if I said I was perfect 100% of the time. I’m not. But what I have learned along my journey, is the smarter DAILY choices I make, the better I feel and am equipped to help other people feel the same.

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