Challenge #3 for the Day

Here is my 3rd challenge to stick with:



Don’t eat off my kids plate when they are done!!



You are all probably laughing and saying “how tough is that?” Well, when they’ve got bits of mac n’ cheese, toast, waffle, cookie, you name it…it’s all very tempting! Especially when I can’t stand to be wasteful and the food is in no condition to be salvaged.



I AM NOT A HUMAN GARBAGE DISPOSAL! This is my new mantra!



I’m sure there are plenty of parents out there that can relate, no??


  1. Amen! As a mother of 4 and a serious penny pincher….I HATE seeing food go to waste! I just came across you blog today as I was looking for before/after photos of folks who have used P90X. Your after pic is UNREAL! You look like a super fit teenager….not a mom of two. I’d love to see your before photo…… I’ve just sttarted eating healthier the past few months and Hubby and I are just starting with P90X…..I am SO SORE!

  2. choose2befit says:

    Isn’t it a great sore though? I love that feeling…I know it’s doing the trick if I can barely walk or hold my hands above my head! LOL.

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. I’ve hesitated to say this a couple of times now, but I feel I have to.

    I’m quite curious as to why a mom who’s in the fitness business, promoting health and fitness would be feeding a child mac & cheese, waffles and cookies?

    would you not want to promote whole foods, vegetables and fruits over processed stuff?

    I do not have a child, so I may have no business even saying this as I do not know what it’s like to be a parent, but what was on the childs plate was what caught my attention in this post.

    it may have just been what you typed rather than what was actually on the plate, but again, I have to ask.

    please tell me that your children are learning about real foods and not eating waffles, cookies or mac & cheese.

  4. choose2befit says:

    Thank you for the comment and I agree with you, parents should be promoting healthy eating by way of wholesome raw foods, instead of processed foods. That’s the one thing that drives me nuts about my daughter’s pre-school. All the snacks are processed and “convenient”.

    My purpose for this post was to relate to most busy mom’s that try to make healthy choices for their kids, even if it’s not raw. I understand the raw food diet is not for everyone, although if parents can at least make wise choices in the food they do put on their kids plates, meaning, whole grain waffles, fresh fruit, etc., that’s a start. I just realize how easy it is to just pick that piece of toast crust (which we use Ezekiel Sprouted Grain), or waffle (GoLean Whole Grain), or cheese (raw cheddar) off my kids plates.

    I just wanted busy Mom’s and Dad’s to take the challenge themselves, and avoid picking from their plates, whatever they feed their kids….let’s hope it can be non-processed.

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