Challenge Time – Battle of the HOLIDAY BULGE

Ok, just to be frank out of the gates – Did you know the average American gains anywhere from 2 – 12 lbs during the holidays?

Yup.  And did you realize Thanksgiving is ‘bout ready to smack us in the face?

Well, this year, I will not be a statistic.  Last year, well, that’s another story.  I care not to live in the past….except for my initial success of losing 25lbs with changing my lifestyle around.

So, I’m pledging my commitment to not allow the HOLIDAY BULGE, get the best of me and allow any of that weight to creep back on.  It’s too easy CHEERSwith the holiday parties, fun appetizers, festive drinks and oh, all the TREATS!  { Raise of hands??? A weakness?? }

Here’s the deal – I’m looking for accountability partners that, too, are needing a little nudge, a little camradderie, a little support and validation that WE DON’T HAVE TO LET THE HOLIDAY’S RUIN OUR GOALS!

Who’s with me??

For those that know my story (if you don’t, I invite you to check it out: and history of weight loss success, know that I have built a lifestyle around meeting and maintain my goals.  So my nutritional regime is reflective of that.

It’s no secret of my love affair with P90X and Shakeology, so naturally, they are a part of my daily habits.

But regardless of what motivates YOU to keep moving, plan to KEEP IT UP!  Let’s just partner up to assure we can stay on top of our goals and rock our holiday velvet swagger, with confidence!!!  Ok, no velvet here….

As a Team Beachbody Coach, my objective is to create an awareness and apply my passion towards helping combat the trend of obesity.

How many can say that have or even, at this point, plan to be on the “weight loss bandwagon” at the start of the year??  Come on, you know who you are!!!

So check this, how rewarding would it be if while all else are PROMISING to commit at the first of the year, YOU are already well on your wait to meeting and reaching your goals – to be slimmer, leaner, healthier, [insert goal here]….you get the idea.

Chances are, this will be a new trend for you…meaning one that starts BEFORE the holidays.  Not AFTER the self-sabotage of the holidays.  This is SO VERY POSSIBLE!

So….why not we make a go of it and come together with a fun, CASUAL, yet effective, challenge.  You game??

Yes, YOU ARE!  Why?  Because you OWE it to yourself.  Think of it as an early Christmas gift.  You ready?  Read on….


Here’s the ‘Skinny’:

– My goal is to have AT LEAST 20 accountability partners that will COMMIT with me! God knows, I need help too!

– Set YOUR goals….and SHARE them!  Far more affective to have them out there!

– Challenge will run from November 22th – December 31st <—YUP, that’s the week OF Thanksgiving!  Scared?

– There is NO obligation to purchase anything.

– We will all post our results & daily accountability on this note to fuel the support of this challenge.

– Shall we post BEFORE pictures?  Of course!

– Invite others to participate in this challenge as well.  POWER IN NUMBERS!

– For those that take the ‘Shakeology BULGE-FREE Option’ you will be entered into a raffle to win a Beachbody workout* of choice at the end of the raffle.

*   The workout will be valued at $60.

** I have added this option as I have personally been indulging in Shakeology AT LEAST, once a day daily as a natural meal replacement, since its inception – 18 months ago!  It has, hands down, enhanced my fitness and weight loss results, elevated my energy & mental clarity, helped clear up my skin and a host of other benefits, that I’ll spare listing here! It seems only eminent that I extend this as an option to help YOU reap the very same rewards.

– As YOUR accountability partner and Team Beachbody Coach, I am here to help and support you and offer recommendations – so long as YOU commit to supporting ME.

– If you don’t already, I encourage you to set up a FREE Team Beachbody account, as you can gain access to the same great nutritional, health and fitness resources, tools and support, that I do.         ( – for your free account)

– You are encouraged to devise a fitness and nutritional regimen that you will commit to following through with, during this challenge. (You know I have mine…now, what’s yours?)  Again, happy to offer up suggestions and/or recommendations for YOUR goals.

– I recommend we allow ourselves ONE cheat meal a week. We can eat it and be done! Period.

– We WILL enjoy the Thanksgiving and Christmas Day feasts. I plan to eat, be merry and then…you guessed it, BE DONE!  There will be NO snacking on the leftovers!! (The goal is RESULTS, right?)

– You are encouraged to take at least one before picture, on or before November 22nd and an after picture on December 31st. Weigh in and measure your key areas: tummy, hips, thighs, chest, etc (before and after). <—Read below – chances to take part in a PRIZE!!!

– Check in often, offer encouragement and share tips to help others!

– Oh…and HAVE FUN!!!


Want to up the ante??

I present…..the Shakeology BULGE-FREE Option:

Simply, incorporate Shakeology into your nutritional regime and accelerate your results.  For me, I will be continuing with having Shakeology as one-meal a day, although plan to incorporate the 3-day “Jumpstart”, the week of November 29th.Shakeology

What’s the 3-Day Cleanse?? You MUST check it out:

Here’s how you can earn that new program you’ve had your eye on:

  • For NEW Customers (only) – purchase Shakeology on Home Direct (HD) – you’ll earn 1 raffle entry*
  • Order Shakeology HD as a NEW Coach** – earn 2 raffle entries

*Why HD?  You get FREE shipping & 2 free workouts ($40 value). Offer only applies to NEW customers, please.

**Why become a Coach? Right now, you can activate a “Coach” account, whether you care to launch into the business side of it or now, and have $0 start up/enrollment fees, but PLUS, you’ll get that immediate 25% discount on your Shakeology HD orders, in addition to the FREE shipping and 2 free workouts.  Not a bad deal, eh?  Again, offer applies to my current customers and those customers that elect to upgrade their account to a Coach account.

  • For every pound you lose = 1 raffle entry
  • For those that submit their BEFORE picture = 1 raffle entry; AFTER picture = 1 raffle entry

Ok….so who wants in??  Keep in mind, this is just intended for FUN, there is NO OBLIGATION, but more importantly, it’s a way for us all to stay accountable and gain control over the holidays.

Let’s not be a statistic to that HOLIDAY BULGE – remember, that was 2-12 lbs every holiday season!  NO THANKS!


You can learn more about Shakeology by visiting:

To learn more about signing up as a Coach for FREE right now, check out:


So, if you are up to it, commit by adding yourself to the CHALLENGE NOTE! The more the merrier (good pun, eh?), so please invite others to join us!



  1. Kristen Acosta says:

    Definately Count me IN!! I need to get back on track ASAP BEFORE the holidays ruin everything I worked so hard over the summer to lose!

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