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If you can't tell, I love any topic that relates to food. My last blog article – Food for Fat Loss – talked about changing your relationship with food to aid in fat loss.  So naturally, that segways into how we need to think about food as a fuel source for our workouts and life.  

So, as you go about your quest to reach a higher level of health and fitness, one thing that you should be doing is making some key changes with your diet plan. Many people get started on their diets and have the absolute best of intentions, but then as time goes on, they start allowing small bites of food to sneak into the picture that they know very well they should be cutting out. 


More time passes and before they know it, they’ve completely fallen off the diet altogether.  That's probably NEVER happened to you, right? I hear this time and time again from my clients and customers, on why they are fed up and ready for a change. [Check out WHY my Accountability groups are working]. 





If this sounds like a common occurrence in your weight loss efforts, then it’s going to be incredibly important that you assess how you can push past this issue and see better overall results. 


The solution? 


Change how you view food. 


How Most People View Food 

In today’s world where we’re constantly being told that certain foods are ‘good’ and others are ‘bad’, this is precisely how you’ve come to view the different foods you’re eating. 


You might look at some foods and immediately think ‘weight gain,’ or ‘failure if I eat that’.  This good and bad viewpoint however is never going to serve you well in the long run because it’s giving your food meaning that it just shouldn’t hold. 


On a psychological level, this can make eating those bad or forbidden foods that much more tempting (we always want what we can’t have), leading you to cheat on your diet and eventually fall off altogether. The trick here, is changing your relationship with that food source and know what triggers the binging and changet that thought process, or allow yourself to embrace your "cheats" and enjoy in moderation.


The Superior Viewpoint 

Instead, you need a different viewpoint. That viewpoint should be that of viewing food as a source of fuel. Rather than giving food more meaning than it really has, think of it as something that’s going to help you get through your day. Not a crutch cause you've had a bad day, or a habit as you go out to dinner or on vacation.  Why continue the cycle if you know it's not working for you?


This is no different than the gas you put in your car. 


If you just went out and bought a fancy new sports car that required premium fuel, would you go off and put in standard fuel? 


Obviously you wouldn’t. You just made a huge investment in that car and want to make sure it not only runs properly as it should, but that it lasts for as long as possible.  


So why would you treat your body any differently? Why put in less than optimal fuel? Isn’t your very own body – the thing that will be with you throughout all your years – more important than a material object? 


It should be. But yet, most people are putting far less than premium fuel in their tanks. 


So stop and think about how you’re viewing food. Are you viewing it as good or bad, tasty or not, a cure for emotional stress or otherwise? 


If you’re giving food more meaning or associating it with a certain occurence, it may be time to start to shift your thinking patterns. Whenever you’re going to sit down for a meal, really ask yourself what that food you’re about to eat is going to do for your body and health. 


If it’s not going to do favorable things, you’ll really want to question whether or not it will truly be worth it, given the potential of the outcome.


We are blessed with one body and one opportunity to take care of it. Take the measures to allow your body and self to be around for years to come.


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