How To Create Healthy Habits To Get Results

In my last article, we talked about How New Year’s Resolutions Most Often Turn Into a To-Do in January, and as we discussed what a resolution REALLY is, let’s take that a step further and formulate a habit to get those resolution results.

As you go about attacking your goals to improve your health and fitness level, one common denominator is creating some healthy habits that you can stick with.

What is a Habit?

A habit is an action or behavior pattern that you do automatically and routinely– almost without thought.   Ideally, the more of these you have that are health enforcing, the easier it’s going to be to reach your goals and maintain them over time.

Like most anything in life, it can take some effort to first break bad habits that you previously had and then build up new ones. Safe to say,  you need to be prepared to put in some work.  There is no EASY BUTTON in getting healthy and fit.  Remember, you didn’t put that weight on all overnight, now did you??

Ok, now that we all know what a habit is and that it’s going to take some work, let’s go over a few things to remember as you aim to create these new healthy habits that will get you results.

Always Assess Hunger

The first habit that you should start getting into is always assessing your hunger level before you eat. Are you REALLY hungry?  Or you just going by habit of eating at this time?

Start simple and begin to think before you eat.  By doing this, you’ll begin to connect your mind to food this in itself will get you rethinking your food choice.

Most people are eating for emotional reasons at some point throughout the week (or month, right ladies??) and many do this without even realizing it.  If you can stop and ask yourself how hungry you really are on a scale from one to ten before doing so, it will make it more clear in your mind the real reason you’re reaching for food.  And don’t be afraid to gulp down some water or tea first, then decide if it’s food your body needs right now.

Understand Your Emotional Reasons Why

What’s next?  Understand your emotional reasons as to why you want to create them.

For example, when most people start trying to eat healthier, is 9 times out of 10, to lose weight.

Fair enough – eating healthier can help you lose weight.

But that in itself isn’t all that strong of a motivator.  Sorry to burst your bubble.

What you want to ask yourself is why you want to lose weight?  How will it make you feel? How will it influence your life? What would that look like for you?  What would YOU look like?  Dig deep to find out the real reason.

The answers to these questions are the real reasons why you want to lose weight.  Write them down, review them often and allow them to become real.   When you see these goals, you begin to connect your mind to the emotional reason behind it, and are apt to start creating those healthier habits.

Set A One Week Time Frame

Give yourself a week to “test the waters”.  This means that rather than this new habit be a daunting chore, take baby steps.  Make a commitment to yourself to stick to this new habit for 7 full days.  Anyone can do anything for 7 days.

After the one week is up, if you hate the habit and feel you are much better off as you were, then you can drop it like a hot potato – without guilt (well except for my voice chirping at you!!).

This relieves that mental anxiety about change and makes moving forward with the habit more comfortable.

There is the general rule of thumb that it only takes 24 days to form a new habit (good and bad), but a bigger sense of accomplishment, by sticking with it.

Got any tips to share on how to start or keep motivated with habits?  Please share in the comment box below!

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  1. You are very right… it doesn’t take long to create that habit… especially when the results are staring you dead in the face and you realize how good you feel because of it. Glad I found P90X and have now made it a habit! :)

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