Photo Contest: Why Do You Choose To Be Fit?

I’ve seen so many great Photo Contests go around on Facebook, that I was inspired to start my own.  I wanted to have fun with it, all the while, inspiring everyone to dig deep and think if they were asked, “Why Do You Want To Be Fit?”



Everyone has a reason that is important to them!  We want to hear it!  Get creative and have fun with sharing “WHY DO YOU WANT TO BE FIT?” with the world.

Here are details in order to have your photo featured and eligible for the voting period, on my Facebook page:

  1. Come over and “LIKE” my Facebook page: >>>> Taryn’s Facebook Page <<<<
  2. Email me and submit your photo with your reason “WHY DO YOU WANT TO BE FIT?”.  I  will then post it to our Photo Contest album.
  3. Voting Period will be from April 9th @ 12:00 am ET through April 16th @ 12:00 am ET.  Once the voting period is over, the winning photo will be announced and featured on my Facebook page and my blog.  Photos will be accepted before and after the voting period, for further motivation and inspiration!
  4. All ages and genders are encouraged to participate – 1 winner per gender will be selected!!
  5. Winners* will receive 1 complimentary package of our Shakeology 3-Day Cleanse & my first eBook – “6 Reasons…”.


When the voting period opens, simply click “LIKE” under the photo that you want to have win (ahem, if you want to win, I encourage you to share with your family & friends to rack up the most votes!!), and we’ll tally the votes up at the end of the voting period and announce the winner!  This contest is all in good fun with the intention to inspire, motivate and support one another to reach our goals of living the fit life.


* Team Beachbody Coaches are welcome to submit their photos, although winners selected may only be a new or existing customer of Taryn or Tony Perry.  To get your free account and be eligible for the grand prizes, sign up here.

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