Soul Searching for Total Body Health?

I've been a little quiet on my blog lately, and I apologize for that.  I could go in to THIS excuse and THAT excuse, but like with reaching my fitness & nutrition goals, EXCUSES are just that…EXCUSES! 

Instead, I owe my delay in blogging to really doing some soul searching into what MY overall goals are, all while I help YOU reach yours.  You know what I mean? I'm still holding firm on my goals to being healthy, fit and strong, but I can't help but wonder, "WHAT ELSE AM I MEANT TO DO? OR HOW ELSE CAN I IMPROVE IN MY TOTAL HEALTH?" 


Perhaps it's time for me to re-focus or shed light on other physcial attributes?  You see for me, for the last 5+ years, I've only given thought to my inner health (nutrition) and outer health (fitness), but what about taking care of my skin, as part of that regime? For all my life, everyone has always complimented me on how "youthful" both my parents look and how "amazing" my Mom's skin is.  I want that too!

And why do you think they got those compliments? Genetics? Possibly. Luck? Doubtful. Attention to her beauty regime? You betcha! So, I want MY kids to get compliments at how "youthful" I look, when their friends are old enough to notice! Vain? Yup….

I've always admired my Mom for how she always was put together, and how effortless she makes it seem.  And this is a woman that will go to her Yoga class with a touch of gloss and mascara on.  Other make up? Doesn't need it.  Why? Again, she has AMAZING skin! Me on the other hand, if I'm running out the door to Coach CrossFit, teach Bootcamp/Turbo Kick or just pick up my kids, I'm lucky if I have matching socks on and combed my hair! Can I get an AMEN???

So many of us would kill to not have to wear foundation and make up, covering up whatever problem skin we may have, just to head out the door for a simple errand. 

Over the years, my Mom got me thinking, and especially during my early 30's after suffering with Adult Acne (hormones, genes, whatever…it sucked!), that I needed to be a little bit more in tune with my skin regime, as the stuff from Bartell's and a little of this and that, won't cut it anymore (she's told me that too!!).  And I'm not the type that's going to take oral presription medication to cure my blemishes.  Just like my nutrition, I'm a firm believer that what we put on our skin will reward us greatly down the road, whether in good or bad, depending on how we treat our skin.  

So, it's timely, and maybe more because I'm in that age demographic, as my friends and I always are joking that we are catching new fine lines, wrinkles and grey hairs, that it's time to explore another challenge.  Yes, I have mastered my fitness and still working to master nutrition (I'm not perfect, nor pretend to be or strive to be – ALWAYS A WORK IN PROGRESS, I like to say), but I want to start thinking and caring more about what I put on my skin and why!  Who wouldn't?


Most definitely not. BUT, like I said above, I want to pay more attention to it and explore some amazing products that I've been introduced to. I love to learn and always a sponge when it comes to ways I can improve both personally and professionally.  It's a matter of getting educated.  

I hope you follow my journey as I explore into a world that is completely foreign to me, in some regards.  I know I have an excellent role model and business partner in my Mom, so I'm confident I will come out that otherside, A-OK! 


Shoot me an email or hit me up on Facebook and let's connect! I'm always up to share an experience!!

Your partner in health & success,







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