Top 4 Motivational Tips & Tools to Get On Track With Your Fitness Goals

So your feeling really jazzed, as you have your selected workout program or regime mapped out, impending goals to hit and it’s ready, set, go, time!

Day 1, it’s off to the races and you are excited and exhilarated with how getting active and eating healthy makes you feel.  Right?  Awesome….bring it on.

Day 2 arrives, still riding on that wave of endorphins and starting to tell all your friends about your new journey and how great it’s going to be.

Day 3, 4, and 5, maybe even up to day 12 are feeling pretty awesome.  And then…it happens.  You hit that slump.  You know that slump that you’ve lost ALL motivation to get your workout done, eat that plate full of healthy foods, and when you’d rather sleep in and then hit Happy Hour with your friends.

Trust me…I’ve been there ALL too many times.  Even now and then, if you can believe that!  Yes, I know, I’m not perfect and that’s hard for you to imagine!  LOL…if you only knew how really HUMAN I am!

So, what needs to change?  How is THIS time going to be different?  We all need it…it’s that M.O.T.I.V.A.T.I.O.N  (No, it’s not an acronym for anything, just looked cool!).

Let’s get to the meat of it, shall we?

Before that slump happens, let’s put things into perspective and get you in the write mind frame.

You are about to embark on a health and fitness program, so the one thing that you must be sure you’re doing at all times is looking at what you can do to stay motivated.  Maintaining motivation is vital to success because when something stands in your way – and something will at some point, you need to be able to push past this barrier and continue on to see results.

So what can you do to get motivated?

I’ve got a couple measures of motivation I use, so here’s just a few.


Whether it’s in workouts or in business, find an accountability partner.  Someone that will motivate, encourage, challenge and empower you to stay on track.

The reason why so many fail in reaching their goals, is they don’t have an accountability measure, aside from themselves, to keep them on point, and the mind tends to take over matter and has a funny way of coming up with a host of excuses as to why not complete the task for the day, to get to that goal.  Sound familiar?

Personally, I have an accountability partner for my business AND in my workouts.  They are different people, but they each challenge me enough to want to stay on track.

Need that fitness accountability partner?  Join my next Fitness & Nutrition Challenge where you’ll get all the accountability one will need to FINALLY reach that goal, whether it be to get into your “skinny” jeans, lose weight for once and for all, gain muscle OR just stick to a program.  We’ve got the tools to help you be successful.

Find someone that you can trust to keep you on track.  Someone that’s not going to allow for the excuses, and will encourage you to keep pushing, especially during the weak moments.  And you know what, you should be expected to do the same, as their accountability party.  Make a pledge that you won’t let one another down….regardless.


A vision board is essentially a place where you can post and truly envision all the different things that you want to achieve, whether personally or professionally.  When creating a vision board, it’s important that you never limit yourself.  While staying realistic is good since very unrealistic goals will only make you feel discouraged, don’t be afraid to really ‘dream big’.

The objective of the vision board is to get you imaging with good clarity what your life will be like when you accomplish some of the biggest goals you’ve set for yourself so that you can literally feel like you’re already ‘living in this existence’.

The more you live it, the more you’ll want it and this means you’ll have sky-high motivation to obtain it.

So how do you go about using a vision board? First get a poster size board and a handful of magazines you fancy OR go online and create a digital one, like I did.  I love the one on Oprah’s site:

Find pictures, images or words that showcase your goals.  Pictures, images or words that mean something to YOU, and that by seeing them daily, will motivate you to continue on your journey.

Once you have your series of goals set and their representing pictures, images or words, make a list to spell out how achieving each of these will make you feel.  List what you’ll feel, how those around you will react, how realizing the goal may change your environment and so on.

The more of these statements you can list right now, the better.  Keep in mind that many people believe that achieving a goal will do more for them than it actually will (losing weight won’t make you the CEO of your company no matter how awesome you look), so be realistic with this as well.

Once you have this information listed, then you want to review it daily and post it where you’ll see it daily. The more often you can do this, the better.  This will keep that image in your mind and help you focus on it so that you never lose sight of the bigger picture. Heck, load it in your smartphone, so it’s with you all day, every day!

Then when motivation falters, you can recall these ‘visions’ to your memory and you should find you get an instant boost to carry on.


Whether you are a blogger or like to keep it old school…write down your thoughts and experiences as you are going through your journey.  The mind can be a powerful thing, so when you can write all your thoughts onto paper, it will help you recognize WHY you are committed.

What to write?  For instance, if you are writing about your first 90 day experience on P90X, blog or journal about each workout, how well you did, what you struggled with, what improved from the last time you did the workout, how it made you feel that day, what you ate before and after, etc.  Get specific and be honest with yourself.  If you are doing the Couch to 5k, follow the same format as above.

What’s important, is that your write down how you feel and track your progress along the way.  It’s powerful when you can go back to Day 1, when you are on Day 30 and say, “WOW, look how far I’ve come…I ain’t quitting now!”.

Taking it one step further with accountability, when you blog about it, it’s out there for the universe to see and read, which is a good thing!  Let others track with your journey and possibly get inspired! You never know who can be reading what you are experiencing and how it can effect them.  How’s that for motivation??


There are so many great tools and apps out there that you can use to log in your workouts, which is another great way to stay motivated and keep yourself accountable.  Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Team Beachbody’s Online SuperGym: not only is it FREE, but you can pre-load your selected workout program with the auto-scheduler feature.  There is such an enormous community of like-minded folks that are working towards their goals, so as you log your workout into the Online SuperGym, you start to see the same faces, day after day, which is a great motivator knowing you can likely expect to see them again.  If you are doing P90x, be sure to check out the awesome P90X iPhone app that you can track your X workouts, log into the SuperGym and get tutorials on the various moves.  Create a FREE account and I’ll be your Coach helping you through it all.
  • (MFP): Another great free online service where you can log your workouts AND track your daily nutrition in take.  I do, however, caution the nutrition tracking, as I do think their pre-programed stats don’t accurately represented what we need to be eating, where it focuses more on calorie restriction.  You can create a free account too (come find me, I’m choose2befit). Oh, and there is an awesome iPhone app for MFP too.
  • Notebook.  Yup, why over complicate things when you can keep it simply and log and track your daily workouts in a simple notebook?  I love browsing the aisles at Bartell’s or Fred Meyer and look at all the pretty and fun notebooks that they have, and I tend to pick a few up, as I never know what I’m going to put in there.  And for instance, right now, I use a simple notebook to track my progress through P90X2 and also my CrossFit workouts.  I want to track my reps & weight, my time, how I feel, if I need to improve on a certain skill, etc.  Having a simple notebook not only allows you to track daily, but bring in that journal component and write down how you feel you did through each exercise.
These are just 4 of my top tricks and tools that keeps me motivated to stay on track with my goals.  Do you have a secret weapon?  Go ahead…please leave a comment below!

Your partner in health & fitness.



  1. I love this!  I just got all of my gear for P90X2 and I got a pretty new journal to write it all down this time:)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Pretty new journals are fantastic!!!  You are going to LOVE P90X2, so just pace yourself and listen to your body! 

  3. Kirsten MacTavish says:

    Hi Taryn! I love your 2012 Vision of Domination board. Awesome!!! I recognize some keywords from the Super Saturday Event — you are putting those to good use. Ypu’re still making me think of my own goals. Thanks for the ‘food for thought’!

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. Thanks for this Taryn. The timing is perfect for me. For keeping track of workouts, I really enjoy the P90x iPhone app. It’s super easy to enter your workout info and to chart your profess.
    Anything helps!

  6. Israel Saucedo says:

    Excelent post! I completely agree with keeping a journal or blog about your whole proccess. I feel like it really helps keep you commited. I have always found that writting down my schedule on a calendar has always helped out alot. It helps you see where you are heading with your goals.

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