Ultimate Reset Review: Week 3

Wow….can hardly believe it's been just 3 weeks since we kicked off our Fall Ultimate Reset Challenge.  There has been so much going on, which I shared in my last Week 1 and Week 2 reviews, so hopefully you got a small glimpse into the crazed life of Taryn Perry! LOL. 

If anything, hopefully my blogging of my Ultimate Reset experience, just goes to show how HUMAN I am, as I said from Day 1, that I'm no poster child for this Reset program.  Yup, I worked out the entire 21 days (well, my typical 3 days on, 1 day off regime), slipped a few times (READ: Week 2 Review), yet still feel awesome and have ZERO REGRETS!

All I can do is be me and share what I got out of it.  

So let me rewind and say that not only did my wonderful DH and I decide to do this after the Summer festivities, but selfishly, this lined up well with an upcoming Photo Shoot I am doing with April Greer.  I needed a plan, I needed structure!  So, this was just another validation as to why I was ready for my 2nd crack at the Ultimate Reset.  

Yes, as I said in Week 2, I wasn't perfect and certainly didn't follow it to a "T".  I'd be fooling myself and my audience, to say that I did.  But I certainly kept up with the supplements (LOVE THE DETOX phase), the food – sort of (although got tired of having fruit for breakfast, so that got modified to Shakeology OR snuck in some eggs).

Week 3 (Restore Phase) Experience

The final week of the Ultimate Reset, food wise, was really no different than Week 2.  We kept to the menu's and food, and I kept to

 my CrossFit, Turbo Kick, walking and Super Saturday workout (Debbie Siebers kicked our butt in a 2.5 Master Workout).

I lost a total of 6 lbs, 1 inch in my waist, 1/2 inch on each thigh, leaned out a TON and dropped body fat.  All in all, I was pleased.

Will I do it again? Yes, in the future, for sure.  But for someone like me, who loves being active and uses her workouts to keep sane (can I get an AMEN here ladies??), I can't do the restriction often.  

Do I think this is a sustainable diet?  Depends on your goals.  In my opinion, there was not enough protein in the final 2 weeks for an athlete.  Vegan is not for me, as I love my free-range Chicken and Greek Yogurt and eggs, but I will most certainly be applying the prinicples going forward, in my nutritional regime.  Including keeping up with the supplments.  Yah, I don't mind the Alkalinize and did I tell you I LOVED the detox??  

What's Next?

Since I scaled my workouts back in regards to going lighter on the weight and more repetition – for that "lean effect" – I plan on building my weight training back up to see how my performance has changed.  I felt strong during the entire 21 days, but I know I've built in some extra enudrance and stamina, so I'll be anxious to see how that fairs in the next WOD or workout I do. 

As for the nutrition, I plan to follow closely to the Week 1 eating regime as, to me, that is a sustainable lifestyle in regards to nutrition.

In a nutshell, once again, a great experience and loving the results.  I won't stop now, as I HAVE GOALS!!!

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