What is your "WHY"?

Have you ever asked yourself that? What is my “WHY”?

Well, if you are a Beachbody Coach, like me, you are constantly reminded to recognize your “WHY”. For so long I went back and forth on what my “WHY” was. Was it to provide more for my family? To be a role model for my kids? To fulfull a passion in what I enjoy? Or was it to take on a new challenge and know I can succeed?

All of these are valid “WHY’s“, but you must look deep into your soul and really dissect what your “WHY” is.

By establishing your very own “WHY”, you can set the tone for what you want to accomplish. Now, this isn’t a “WHY” that your husband, friend, Mother, Mother-in-law or sister wants for you, or expects from you, this is what YOU want to accomplish and what YOU can achieve.

So take a moment, right down your goals and really, truly establish your “WHY”. You’ll be amazed to see it in plain site and as you focus on it, recognize the power within yourself to achieve it.

Always live by your “WHY” and know you can achieve great things by it.

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