Tips for Staying Healthy on Vacation

Many of you will be taking trips with your families over the summer so I wanted to share a guest post with you from Kendra Thorton of Thorton PR in hopes that it will motivate you to continue your healthyeating habits and fitness routine while traveling.

Healthy Choices We Make on Vacation

Whether my family and I are on the road for a vacation or at home enjoying time together, I always try to make sure that all of us are eating and staying healthy. This is not always the easiest thing to do, but it is important that we try. I wanted to share some of the healthy choices that we make while on the road that helps to enhance our vacation.

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Snacks to Go

Whether we are in for a long road trip or a flight to someplace warm, I always make sure to pack some delicious and healthy snacks for everyone to enjoy. I cut up vegetables and fruits and pack them up to bring along on our journey. If someone gets hungry, something healthy and tasty is always available. Furthermore, it prevents us from having to purchase snacks on the go which can be expensive.

Better Decisions When Dining

It is great to eat out when on vacation. However, some food options have tons of calories. A way to combat against this is to request a different sauce or condiment. Small changes like this can reduce the amount of calories that are consumed. Other times, it can be better to skip bread with a meal which enables a dish to be healthier.

Fun and Run

Another way that we stay healthy on the road is by going for a run when we visit another community. Many communities have 5Ks scheduled throughout the year. This way we can get involved with the area, meet new people and see different sites. And of course running is healthy. There are runs that are available for adults and children to participate in.

Gym Time

Working out does not have to be a drag when on vacation. Many hotels have exercise equipment. These facilities are ideal when it is raining outside. Many places have excellent equipment, but some do not. This is one trick we always use and will be using on our upcoming family trip to Orlando. There are so many places to stay in Orlando that at times this “research process” can get a bit overwhelming. A great way to handle this is to check out websites or even call the hotel yourself. This will enable you to get a better idea of what equipment is available. If a facility does not have a gym, move on to another hotel.

When my family and I are on vacation, we try to create and stick to a routine. Living and eating healthy are quite important to us. When we bring our healthy lifestyle on a vacation, our trip and experience is enhanced. I hope that you and your family will give it a try on your next vacation.

Kendra Thorton

Planning Ahead

Kendra shared some great tips. Planning really is the key to sticking with your routine when you are away from home. You don’t have to throw your health and fitness routines out the window when you travel. If you take the time to plan out your workouts and nutrition, you are far more likely to stick with it when you return.  Remember that staying healthy on vacation also means the transition back to reality will be that much easier.

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