How To Modify A Push Up

If you are like me, push ups may be your arch nemesis!  At least, I used to feel that way!

Well, I don’t want you to fear push ups, yet celebrate the fact that you get to DO THEM in your workouts, because you are getting strong and starting to love them, not loathe them.

Why I hated push ups in the beginning (same went for Pull ups, but more on those later), is that I wasn’t strong enough to do an ‘actual’ push up, from my toes, instead was on my knees!  I was frustrated, as I wanted to do the REAL ONES!

Can you related?

Well, don’t get too frustrated and quit yet!  I want to share with you some tips that helped me, modify the push up in my P90X workouts, until I was strong enough to do a full push up, from my toes.

Are you empowered to get down on the floor and give these a go?  Yah, I mean NOW!  Go for it, will ya??

And let us know how you faired…share below your results, ok?

Your partner in health & fitness,




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