How to Purge Your Pantry & Fridge

This is my most favorite topic of all things – FOOD!!  It just absolutely fascinates me, when we look to food as fuel and have a healthy relationship with it, it can be such an empowering weapon in helping us reach our goals.

I promise, after you watch the video, you’ll feel that sense of empowerment and feel like you are ready to conquer the world!  Before we get there, we need to dismember your pantry & fridge, so you can get off to a good, healthy and clean start.

Set yourself up for success.

Embrace this time and really allow yourself to enjoy it, learn from it and begin to apply it to your new healthy lifestyle!  Here’s some extra tips to set you up for success:

  • Set time aside to tackle this project and get organized.
  • Make a list of foods that you will fuel and help you (Check out Michi’s Ladder on your account), as you part with the ones that got you here in the first place.
  • Budget for the month on what you can and want to shop for.  Check out this article on some great options on how to eat healthy on a budget.
  • Find meals and menus that work for YOU and your lifestyle.  Foods you’ll enjoy eating and have fun preparing.
  • Educate yourself on what foods are healthy to eat.
Remember, this is just the foundation we are building upon, to set you up for a lifetime of healthy habits.

Your partner in health & fitness.

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