30 Random Things About Me

1. I could stare at my kids for hours and hours and hours. It amazes me that we can create such amazing little humans.
2. I feel honored to have as many wonderful friends that I do…despite getting mocked for having too many. Who can have too many friends???
3. I have a ½ sister that I tend to forget about. Likely because she doesn’t live near us and is only 6 months older than my daughter, therefore I tend to think of her as a “niece”, which would be weird!
4. I married my best friend. He makes me light up.
5. My brother is my hero.
6. My Mother has been through more life shattering obstacles and she continues to amaze me with her strength. I only wish I carry as much strength and courage she does.
7. I would love to get a part time job at Lululemon, just to get a discount on their clothes. LOVE THEM!
8. I’ve always had a secret ambition to be a back up hip hop dancer. Not for a rap star, but someone like Britney, Beyonce or Fergie.
9. I sense my Grandfather, aka “Buppy” in my son. They share many funny mannerisms.
10. I have finally found my calling, aside from motherhood – to help others find a better quality of life through fitness, nutrition and self-employment. I LOVE IT!
11. I secretly love that my son is a little Momma’s boy! 12. I’ve always wanted to travel to Australia and Barbados.
13. I have been enamored with Facebook and how many friends I’ve reconnected with.
14. I love anything SWEET!
15. Although I’m not entirely savvy with it…I love technology. Especially the latest and greatest cell phone/Blackberry.
16. I’m thinking about getting my Group Exercise certificate.
17. I have a tremendous amount of respect for the men and women that serve our country.
18. My goal is to finish my 1st marathon this summer.
19. I would do anything for my family.
20. I’m thankful to be out of Corporate America.
21. I feel badly that our dog spends more time at my in-laws, than our place. It’s for the best, but I still feel bad…and sad.
22. Shows on the WB make me cry!
23. I would love to really learn how to play golf. Then I could keep up with my husband.
24. I’m in love with snowboarding.
25. I sleep with a white noise machine every night. It’s heaven.
26. Although I complain about her bad sleeping habits, I secretly love it when my daughter gets into bed with us in the middle of the night.
27. I have a scar over both of my eyes. It’s amazing I still can see!
28. I miss my Dad terribly and saddened each day that he doesn’t get to see his grandchildren evolve into truly exceptional little beings.
29. Getting in better shape has built up my confidence.
30. I have the biggest fear of earthquakes.

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