Social Media Mama’s – Tips on How to Effectively Use Social Media

As a stay-at-home-Mom to two busy kids, I often feel limited on time, dis-organized and burnt out!

Sound familiar?

Well on July 7th, 2011 rockstar Ember Nevill and I, held a fabulously informative call.

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Ember and I are both working moms, trying to balance a business and our family. We wanted to share our best practices, tips, and tricks with you, using Social Media!

Whether you are a working mom, a stay at home mom, or dad, we have a lot of great info that will help you save time, create more peace in your day and help you continue to build on your passion (aka your business)!

This call was completely free, so have ease in knowing we have ZERO intention of selling or promoting any product or service!

Why did we do it? To help our respective teams and network of peers! It’s what we do!

So if you missed it…good news!  We RECORDED it, so —–>>> CLICK HERE <<<—– to listen as if you were right there with us!!

Your partner in health & success.

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