Eat Chocolate to Lose Weight

Ok, stupid question…who LOVES chocolate? What if you could eat chocolate and still lose weight?

If you’re a chocolate lover by nature, you might hate the thought of having to give up this beloved food in order to see results.

Must you really forgo chocolate on your diet plan? Or, can you include it and still make the progress that you’re after?


If the truth is told, for some people, eating chocolate will actually help them lose weight, not hinder them. Yes, that’s right. You really can have your cake and eat it too.


Well, sort of.  What should you know about eating chocolate to lose weight?


Choosing The Right Chocolate 

Just like coffee, there are tons of varieties of chocolate. Not all chocolate is created the same. If you want to see the absolute best results, you’re going to need to be eating chocolate that offers powerful health benefits as well.


The variation? Dark chocolate. The higher the percentage of cocoa in chocolate (and therefore the less sugar and other ingredients), the healthier it will be for you.


Selecting dark chocolate will offer antioxidant support to your body, protecting you from free radicals while also enhancing your cardiovascular health.


Dark chocolate may also help to soothe your mood, so can be good for helping to combat stress during those intense periods of time.


Practicing Moderation 

After you’ve picked out your (dark) chocolate, now it's all about moderation as you eat it.


While dark chocolate is definitely healthy and can be consumed and help you lose weight, not to mention it may calm those chocolate cravings, you do have to watch how much you eat.


Chocolate is still a relatively high calorie food, so if you aren’t careful, you may end up taking in far more calories than you initially intended.


Practice moderation and have just one square per day to reap benefits without risk.


Chocolate Alternatives 

Finally, if you’re a big lover of chocolate and can’t quite stop after just one square of dark chocolate, it will be worthwhile to look into other chocolate based foods that you can add to your diet that won’t set you back on your plan.


For example, this is why I have to have my daily fix of my Chocolate Shakeology.  This is where I get to have my "cake and eat it too".  If you are going to consume your chocolate in the form of a meal replacement, so long as it's a clean source, AHEM, cough, Shakeology, you should be getting adequate protein in your daily diet to see those results.  Not to mention, this will help increase fat loss, while satisfying your craving.


So don’t think that you have to banish chocolate off your weight loss plan in order to be successful with losing weight. Instead, be smart about the chocolate you’re eating and moderate portion sizes. These mindful decisions, will ensure that you see optimal success.


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